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Animal Welfare Approved

Yesterday Lance Gegner came to visit our farm, We showed him around he took pictures yes he asked first, We didn't care if your not doing anything wrong you shouldn't care if someone takes pictures! He looked at everything our pens our pasture, our feed items. Took labels off bags.Showed us on a label in small print,what we had not noticed. Then he said "You are doing a great job and we will be glad to include your farm into our program" My husband Brien and myself are very proud to be one of the few here in California, Lance told us "its not easy,"  We have learned Nothing worth having is easy to achieve at least it hasn't been for us. But this makes this week a whole lot better, Read up on there program,see what you think can your farm make the cut, If you can its well worth it,for you and your animals Especially for the animals Name of the program is called Animal Welfare Approved add a .org and look them up,
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