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Pastured Poultry in Larimer County

Did you know that the current land use code in Larimer County, for properties like mine that are zoned for agriculture - that we can raise 10 livestock per acre as a USE BY RIGHT. What does that mean? Use by Right are the things you can do on your property without having to ask for permission or permits from the county. Things like living in a house on your property, having pets, parking your car, putting up fences and having a garden.  On property like mine that is zoned for ag, I can have 10 livestock per acre. 10 sheep, 10 cows, 10 llamas,  whatever. I can raise those animals and sell them or their products. 

 But not so with poultry. Poultry, if you want to sell anything, requires a Special Review with the county, which can take months to obtain, and cost over $2000. You won't even know the cost when you get started, as they might hit you with further fees as you go along. 

 10 Cows per acre, and no chickens. Does this make sense to you? Because it doesn't to us. If you would like to tell the county that like all our neighboring counties, you think small farms should be allowed to raise poultry and sell poultry and poultry products - please let the county know. Put a comment in here.  


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