Green Earth Gardens

  (Quincy, Florida)

Tons of Aloe

Also we have tons of aloe! Come get your aloe! Did you know aloe is edible? It is! No idea what it tastes like tho. An FYI about this variety of aloe, these are Aloe maculata aka Aloe saponaria or soap aloe. The flower color on these are a pretty coral color ( They're very close in appearance to the Aloe striata except for the edging on the Aloe striata is smoother & doesn't have the markings that the 'leaves' the Aloe maculata (Aloe saponaria) does. The gel from these plants is still very good usage - as a remedy for many medicinal properties like: Skin complaints, inflammation, respiratory system, muscular-skeletal system, poisoning, circulation and endocrine system diseases (see for more info).
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