Green Earth Gardens

  (Quincy, Florida)

Please stop contacting

The market won't be opening. Do NOT contact.

The Garden Is Really Taking Off In ....

a very big way. There's flowers on the tomatoes. There's already several peppers that are ready to pick or were ready to pick & have been enjoyed already. This year we have several varieties of squash & cucumbers (including yellow), tomatoes, beans (bush and pole), estrella chaya. The chickens are getting bigger and bigger every day. Soon the oldest ones, who are 6 weeks old on Monday (May 20th), will be laying eggs for all to enjoy! The game hens will be laying a medium tinted egg while the buff cochins will lay a large darkish brown egg. The cochins, at this stage in life, look like little yellow cotton balls with legs and wings attached. LOL They're adorable. They're all adorable. I look forward to folks have some of our great food! When you stop by, be sure to ask about our soap. I carry several varieties of neem soap, neem baby oil & neem conditioner. Check back often to find out what's to come.

Farmers Market & Stand

Opening April 1st, 2018 Working on being able to accept ebt payments

Tomatoes Ripe By The Vine Full

Yes, My Friends! The vine ripe tomatoes are coming in and boy are they juicy, plump & delicious! I'm just waiting on the admin(s) @ to ok the listing on I am selling them for $1.50/lb .... and they're worth it!

We Are Now Open!!

Eggs every other week & tomatoes available along with some house plants.

Updates on Green Earth Gardens And Our Veggies

Updates can be found, via video, at Come see exactly what I've got & just how far along things are. The tomatoes, the biggest ones I have, are now going from a green to a yellowish; that shade before the red starts to show up. The yellow squash is flowering a lot & has some squash that are already about an inch long. Be sure to check here and on youtube for updates!! See you good folks soon for some excellent veggies!! Namaste, Green Earth Gardens

Thank you for stopping by my blog. An update on ....

opening. It is still full steam ahead on opening on the 15th of this month (May, 2017). We have a plethora tomatoes that are green & that doesn't even count the Everglades tomatoes & yellow pears. Beans are juuuust starting to come in. Picked first of them today (May 4th, 2017); wax beans. Have several varieties (green and purple among them). Hens still laying their delicious eggs for us. Look forward to helping people in the panhandle of Florida eat healthily.
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