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Current inventory of beef Steaks: Ribeye, Rib steak, NY Strip, Chuck-eye Sausage: Kielbassa, Italian, Bratwurst and Sage Hamburger 80/20 (10# remaining) {sold] Liver in 1# packages Oxtail Soup Bones Curbside service

Status of Local USDA Processor and options for obtaining beef

As you may know whether reading or listening to the news, due to COVID-19 the larger processing plants have either been shut down or are running at a reduced capacity. This has caused an undue panic and the smaller USDA processors have been completely booked for the remainder of the year with the only opportunities to process cattle this year is if there is a cancellation. Fortunately, we made our appointment early this year and are due to receive the beef products in a week or two. However, unless there is a cancellation, we wont be able to get another steer to the processor until next year. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our current inventory that remains is hamburger and sausage and that is in short supply until the new beef is received. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Another viable option for people to obtain large quantities of beef is to purchase a live animal and have it processed at a non USDA facility. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Let me explain how it works: Due to Federal regulations we are unable to sell beef unless its been processed at a USDA facility. The COVID-19 situation has caused supply issues because of the bottlenecks at the USDA facilities. However, we are able to sell the live animal to the end user and they may have that steer processed at a non USDA facility of their choosing. We deliver the animal you select to the processor and then you and the processor work out the details for how you want the beef prepared and you pay the processor for his work. If we are involved beyond the sale of the steer we would be in violation of the regulation. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For those that may be interested in this option, the steers are sold based on live weight at $1.85 per pound. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you're interested in smaller quantities of beef please call or email and arrange to pick up (curbside) some beef from our location in North Augusta, SC. All our beef is vacuumed sealed, labeled and in quantities for preparing a single family meal. Stay safe and enjoy this family time together.
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