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Recipe for Spatchcocking

Blog: TALLTREE FAMILY Farm   -   Sunday November 22, 2020   -   By Talltree

Spatchcocking is my FAVORITE way to cook whole chickens, but this year I’m going to spatchcock our Thanksgiving turkey. It cuts the cook time in half and the bird is incredibly juicy! Here is a recipe that details how it is done. The only thing...

2020 Season is here

Blog: Harecrest Acres   -   Tuesday November 17, 2020   -   By Matman

2020 was a rough year for the bees but the trees faired very well through the drought. Pruning is almost done and it looks like a nice lot of trees this year. We will be ready for everyone just Bring a mask and well have the hot cocoa ready!


Blog: Byrd's Pecans   -   Monday November 16, 2020   -   By Justin


SOLD OUT of turkeys for 2020

Blog: TALLTREE FAMILY Farm   -   Saturday November 14, 2020   -   By Talltree

We had a last-minute run on turkeys this year, and are now all sold out. But we DO still have available both plump frying chickens at $6/pound, and stewing chickens for $10/each (they make WONDERFUL soup!).  We will also have frozen Ayam...

Inventory in stock

Blog: Current Inventory   -   Wednesday October 28, 2020   -   By Steven

Current inventory of beef Steaks: Ribeye, Rib steak, NY Strip, Chuck-eye Sausage: Kielbassa, Italian, Bratwurst and Sage Hamburger 80/20 (10# remaining) {sold] Liver in 1# packages Oxtail Soup Bones Curbside service

Fresh Walnuts

Blog: Dirt and Sky Farm   -   Thursday October 22, 2020   -   By Maria

Fresh California Walnuts Are Here Hey y'all, thanks for stopping by to visit Local Harvest. I am excited because once again it is walnut season 2020. Machines zooming up and down the street, dust blowing more than it usually blows, and...

Honey Labeling and What's In a Name?

Blog: What's the Buzz?   -   Saturday October 17, 2020   -   By Marcie

What's in a Name? A honey's name, anyway....  We get lots of questions about this! For instance, in the Avocado Lychee honey we just harvested, people want to know if it tastes like....avocados? Or lychees? The answer is....neither!  It's all about...

2020 TURKEYS!!!

Blog: TALLTREE FAMILY Farm   -   Sunday September 27, 2020   -   By Talltree

We are gearing up for the 2020 season of Turkeys!  We have two breeds this year: the heritage breed of Royal Palms, thanks to our breeder boy Jacob and his girls.  We are also offering larger turkeys in the shape of broad-breasted Bronzes. The price...

Fall on the farm

Blog: Spreading Oaks Farm   -   Friday September 25, 2020   -   By Ken & Patti

Fall is in the air and our first cool season greens are ready to harvest.  We currently have green summer crisp lettuce, Romaine lettuce, curly kale, Tuscan kale, collard greens, radishes, Haikuri salad turnips, watermelon radishes, Asian greens, and...

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