"To savor walnuts, you must break them open. Remember that in life, without a little bit of work, there is no pleasure." - Florian

You can find out more about us by visiting our website claryridgeranch.com. Our Walnuts flourish in the choice mountain soil that has been farmed by our pioneer family for over 100 years. Great Grandpa Klare planted primarily Franquette variety walnuts here in Fair Play. They are harvested later here in California's gold country than those grown in the valley.

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We harvest GREEN WALNUTS when they are 1 - 1 and 1/2 inches in diameter, anytime from May through July, depending on weather. Check out our website at claryridgeranch.com or our blog for photo updates on our growing season: vindenoix.blogspot.com We sell via our Localharvest storefront, when we have availability. Green Walnuts are "ready" to be harvested during a very short window of time and are hand pcked, much like apples, but from a very large tree.

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I had tried vin de noix in France with my host family as an exchange student. This year I wanted to try and make some of my own. The walnuts I received from the farm were fantastic with quick shipping to MA, and as the other reviewer noted a prompt note from the wait list.... [more]

I had read about making Nocino/vin de Noix last year and was so disappointed that I had just missed the harvest for green walnuts, so I vowed to track it this year (2011).... [more]

The green walnuts arrived very promptly, with an Ice-Pak to keep them cool in transit.. They were very clean and ready to go into the brine. THANKS!

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Cold, Cold weather


We need plenty of chill hours for a good crop.  Thankfully, we're getting them!  Now, we wait for the signs of life to appear in this years new twigs and branches.  This really is a time of watchful waiting.... [more]

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