Update: Sept. 11 2018 We are relocating to a new property in the near future. Currently we are not conducting business at our current location. We will update as soon as we are ready for business.

A small family farm in a residential setting north of I-4 in Plant City, Florida. We raise New Zealand Rabbits, Non-GMO Soy free Organically fed pastured meat chickens, and free range pastured raised Red Sex link hens for nutritious brown eggs. Fresh or frozen small Cornish Cross Broilers and Roasters available, processed twice per month year round. Our chickens are fed fermented organic crumbles, fodder, seeds, organically raised kale, yellow mangel beets, and turnips daily from the garden. Chickens are constantly moved to fresh pasture to help keep down the insect population while providing a great source of protein to their diet.

Listing last updated on Sep 11, 2018

Due to the extreme rainy season in our area we have been flooded in the garden plots and are unable to have vegetables available at this time. Red Ranger, Colored Broilers, Cornish Rock meat birds available. Meat bird chicks available most of the year. We will have Curly Kale available November 5th. Kale and Mustard Greens are now available.

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