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Goats are considered the oldest of domesticated farm animals, their relationship with man going back thousands of years.

Clearly there are many advantages to raising goats: they are easy-going and require low-maintenance compared to cows. Goats will thrive in the most arid parts of the world, where in many cases they represent the only source of milk.

A nanny goat can be a portable dairy: Captain Cook kept one on board and Gandhi never traveled without one. Many a child's life has been saved thanks to goat's milk, which is better tolerated than cow's milk by delicate stomachs. In the old days it was a common sight to see a nanny goat in people's backyards (according to my grandmother).

Goat milk yogurt can be creamy and of pouring consistency or thick and custard-like. The original Greek yogurt is, after all, made from goat's milk.

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