I have registered Heritage Ossabaw pigs.These pigs are NOT WILD PIGS. Ossabaw breed has developed to unique method of fat metabolism, resulting in a fat that is FLAVORFUL, HIGH IN OLEIC ACIDS. Crossing with Heritage Gloucestershire Old Spot referred to as the "BACON PIG" they are prized for its QUALITY OF LARD.Both breeds have the Marbling in the Meat.The Meat will Basted itself.My cross breed pigs grow faster and bigger. The bacon, lard, pork chops are out of this world in taste. Use the lard for all of your cooking instead of veg. lard. My pig lard is much healthier for you.

Both of these breeds are on the CRITICALLY endangered list on The American Livestock Breed Conservancy website.

I raise my pig on special mix feed and fresh cows milk. Naturally grown with NO Chemicals, Hormones or Antibiotics. I'm proud of my special pigs.

Listing last updated on Apr 13, 2013

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I need any suggestion on Marketing My Very Special Breed of Pigs.

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