Honey Glow was not even a glimmer when we obtained our first beehive back in 2007. My husband and daughter were concerned about all of the honey bee problems and wanted to work together to raise bees. They wanted to learn how bees work and maintain their hive society. A year earlier I had read the book "The Secret Lives of Bees" and I was moved by the magic. The same year they began beekeeping, I found out that my sister, who has been fighting the skin disease psoriasis, had been diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. This diagnosis is going to debilitate her in the near future. I was devastated. My sister who bent over backwards to make other people's lives happier was ambushed by this disease. The only thing I could think of is how can we make her more comfortable. During our researched on the affects of honey and beeswax and found they have many healing factors. The more I read, the more I was sure we had to make a product that could possible make her feel more comfortable.

Our daughter made a lip balm the first year and gave them out to her friends, and she had many positive replies from her gifts. She was our inspiration! As a gardener, I have had many bouts with cracking skin on my hands and have been overjoyed with the skin salve that we have produced. I previously used a moisturizer and rubber gloves to help repair my cracked skin but now I just use our skin salve and my skin is rejuvenated.

This year our family decided we should share our products with others so they to can experience the benefits. We have grown our hives three fold and look forward to spreading the word about the magic of honeybees. We plan on producing other products based on natural ingredients made by honeybees and other sources that will help alleviate skin problems.

We thank the honeybees and wish them another safe year.

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Specializing in honey, natural skin products made with beeswax and other natural products.

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