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Honey Glow Rules!
By: Tom Casey    (Apr 5, 2021)

After using the lip balm the last two years, i included it the Christmas gift bag I give to my employees. We work in a very dry environment. After hearing the positive comments, I imagine the will be several orders coming your way. I will be investigating other products thanks to these results. Thank you!

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Honey Glow Peppermint Lip Balm
By: Larry Ziehl    (Apr 10, 2009)

I live in Denver Colorado. The air is very dry here, and as a consequence, I have suffered from dry, chapped lips for many years. I started using Honey Glow Peppermint Lip Balm several months ago, and am amazed with the results. The really cool thing, is that it also has a very pleasant flavor. I would highly recommend this product.

Larry Ziehl

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A product that works
By: Frank Ziehl MD    (Mar 1, 2009)

Living in Wisconsin, we experience severe winters and conequently quite a dry indoor atmosphere. I have always had a difficult time with skin cracking especially on my fingers. I have also had difficulty with drying and cracking on the heels of my feet. Both of these conditions have been helped tremendously through the use of your wonderful product Skin Salve.

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