At Longview Farm, 20 miles south of the US capitol, we raise grass finished beef, pastured hens for eggs, Berkshire heritage pork,Ossabaw heritage pigs, heirloom tomatoes, and salad greens. All our animals are raised without antibiotics, hormones, animal by products or growth supplements. We practice natural, sustainable and humane farming but are not certified organic. Our Angus cows are drug-free, grass fed/finished, born and bred on the farm. Rotationally grazed, the herd moves to fresh grass twice a day during the growing season. Our heritage Berkshire pigs and Ossabaws are rotated through oak, hickory and poplar woods to forage and root for grubs, acorns, etc. They are fed a natural barley/wheat feed ground fresh at an Amish feed mill. Our meat is USDA processed. Our hens move each day to fresh pasture. The feeds for our chickens are freshly ground at an Amish feed mill with non GMO corn.

Our vegetables are grown naturally without chemicals. Heirloom tomatoes are fragile, but incomparably delicious with evocative names - Heart of Compassion, Marianne, Cherokee Purple...

In addition to growing delicious food, Longview Farm is committed to protecting open space and natural habitat in suburbanizing Prince Georges County. The woods and pastures sequester carbon, and the farming practices replenish the soil.

Listing last updated on Nov 21, 2017

We deliver to Capitol Hill, Palisades, Cleveland Park, downtown DC, Smithsonian

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Some of the best food I have eaten! Thank your for providing us with wholesome, fresh food.

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