Blueberry Harvest 2020! ~ Thanks to all who were able to make it out this year. We are now CLOSED for the season.

There is acreage enough for over 2000 people... We only have room for approx. 30 or so cars to park. -- Please NOTE: EVERYONE will be asked to wash or sanitize hands before heading out into the field to pick. (That is just common sense, always!) ...or you may choose gloves. -- AND, if you are sick, please do NOT come.

1 - We have buckets for you to pick into that are cleaned w/ bleach water between every use. This has been done consistently over the past 8+ years.
2 - There are plastic bags available to put into the buckets if you desire those.
3 - You can bring your own buckets to pick into & simplify the amount of contact.
4 - There will be hand sanitizer available as well as a hand-washing station.
5 - It has ALWAYS been recommended to rinse the fruit before eating it.
6 - There are several cleaning agents that will be on hand to spray the scale and porta-pot, hand-washing station, etc. on a hourly basis, or as needed.

Feel free to read through the following post:

Remember always, that you CHOOSE to come or not. Nobody makes you come. If you feel "safer" at a store, then chose the location that works for you! -- Please do not demand that we meet your personal desires, wishes, etc. We will do the best we can with what is available.

There are over 4000 bushes & 3 main varieties. There is NO spray on the fruit. For your enjoyment, we recommend only choosing what is quality fruit. -- We are not certified organic.

BLUEBERRIES fresh from our farm to your house!

Listing last updated on Jul 30, 2020

CLOSED for the current Season. Thanks for stopping by!

Schedule and Location:

Some GPS are NOT accurate for our location. We are North of 58th Street (Hwy 500), on 232nd Ave.
We are on the West side of road; 7.5 miles North of downtown Camas / and South of the Hockinson area.

Parking is in the Field when gate is open! -- PLEASE do NOT park in any neighboring driveways.

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Our family has been picking blueberries at Meadowglenn for over 10 years! We absolutely love the taste, and the size of the berries are out of this world! They are huge, ripe, and delicious! The owners are nice lovely people who are great to interact with and chat! We love this place and always recommend it to all our friends and family.

We went to pick up the blueberries today. Parking is easy and lots blueberry bushes. My mom is visiting me and We had great time picking the berries. The blueberry is big, juicy and flavorful.... [more]

had great experience so many berries the plants are over flowing! what a great way to spend several hours. the only problem is we eat the berries way to fast. guess we just have to keep going back.

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