We are third generation farmers and we are located in the heart of hunt country in Virginia. We raise beautiful Guernsey cows, chickens, heritage breed pigs, and turkeys. The Guernseys are the foundation of our farm and we are renowned for our creamy golden milk. Our herdshare complies with all the legal aspects of the State of Virginia regarding herdshare dairies. Our farm is pasture based, we use naturally grown products for our animals and we are dedicated to providing the area with local, farm fresh products that comply with the Weston A Price Foundation standards. Mick Family Farm where the best milk is Golden.

*We comply with the legal aspects of the State of Virginia which prohibit dairies from selling any dairy products such as milk, cheese, yogurt, or butter. You must be a current member of our Share Program to receive milk.

Listing last updated on Aug 18, 2014

The Guernsey is a traditional breed of cattle well suited to grass based farms. It is fawn to brown in colour with white markings, She is renowned for the rich flavour of her milk, as well as hardiness and docile disposition. 100% Guernsey milk is renowned as a quality dairy product because of its favorable fat to protein ratio and uniformly high components. It is easily tolerated by those sensitive to other dairy products and is naturally A2. The Breed is listed as "watch" on the ALBC.

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Its only been 2 months that we have been drinking this milk and we can never go back to store bought. My children love it and it feels great to drink it!

We have been drinking raw milk from Mick Family Farm for over a year now and love it! The milk has not only helped with my allergies, but it also helped my 10 month old son gain weight when formula was not doing the trick- here's a link to my blog about my update on the raw milk formula.... [more]

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