We Grow Happy California Cows!

We keep our cows on all natural pastures with clean water from our wells and creeks that run from the national forest. Our Angus cattle do very well on our ranch here on the central coast of California. We are in the process of incorporating Australian Angus genetics in our American Angus herd. The Australian Angus is an older breed that was bred to finish out on grass alone!

We all know that grass feed beef is far better for all of us including the cattle! They only eat what is natural for them and are very happy and healthy. No antibiotics or hormones are ever used on our cattle. We always handle them with the calm and humane way.

The Central Coast Ag Cooperative is comprised of a group of ranchers from San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and Monterey counties. They own the MHU which was funded with the assistance of grants from Rep Sam Farr?¢ï¿½?�?s office and USDA Rural Development. The co-op leases the MHU to J&R Meats, a USDA-certified cut and wrap facility in Paso Robles. The co-op schedules their animal harvesting dates with J&R meats, which brings MHU to a USDA approved on-ranch site and harvests the livestock under USDA inspection. For the animals, this results in a more humane harvesting practice. Less stress to the animal at harvest also benefits the consumer because it improves the quality of the meat. Better yet, the consumer knows the origins of the meat and how the animal was raised. For ranchers, harvesting process saves time and money. Keeping the process local means the money stays in the local economy. It is a landmark win-win for ranchers and consumers.


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We admire Janis for the way she raises her beef with respect for her animals and concern for their welfare. Her farming practices create healthy and delicious meat that you can feel good about eating and serving to your family. Most certainly the best local meat around!!

I have not had meat this flavorful and lean since years ago when we raised our own. Nothing in stores compares. Janis was wonderful to deal with and we will definitely be ordering more int he future.

We purchased a 1/2 beef from Janis last month it is very very tender beef with great flavor ,it was very surprising to see such lean beef with no fat be so tender you could cut it with a butter knife the hamburger has very good flavor again with no visable fat in the pan when cooked it also was very moist.... [more]

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