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My family's favorite beef!
By: Erin Krier    (Nov 5, 2013)

We admire Janis for the way she raises her beef with respect for her animals and concern for their welfare. Her farming practices create healthy and delicious meat that you can feel good about eating and serving to your family. Most certainly the best local meat around!!

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Best Beef we have had in years!
By: Lydia Lawson    (Nov 4, 2013)

I have not had meat this flavorful and lean since years ago when we raised our own. Nothing in stores compares. Janis was wonderful to deal with and we will definitely be ordering more int he future.

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We love it, and its good for us
By: larry robinson    (Oct 2, 2012)

We purchased a 1/2 beef from Janis last month it is very very tender beef with great flavor ,it was very surprising to see such lean beef with no fat be so tender you could cut it with a butter knife the hamburger has very good flavor again with no visable fat in the pan when cooked it also was very moist.the pot roast was totally awsome! I really feel a piece of mind knowing that the cows have not been injected with antibiotics and that no GMO's were used in their feeding. i'm sure being out in the country on the central coast these were truly happy cows and never being stressed in tiny pens made the meat more tender.Also i must say the butcher job was superb i was able to choose the cuts wherever possible and each steak & roast and 1 lb. hamburger package was individually vacum sealed. Another big plus was in dealing with Janis and her husband, They are a local family very kind and caring and it brings great pleasure to be able to support local agriculture and a their family while keeping my family healthy.Larry

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Lower your cholesterol?
By: Ralph Thorne    (Feb 10, 2012)

Raised in a meat-eating family, my wife said I finally had to start eating more healthy. Since I do the cooking, she filled the freezer with Missing Jack Ranch beef for me to cook. Advised not to overcook this beef, the flavor is great, my cholesterol has gone down, and she is happy. Thank you-

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Great Taste and Great Value!
By: Nan Bowman    (Feb 7, 2012)

The grass-fed beef from Missing Jack Ranch has been wonderful! The steaks have a rich, savory flavor and are extremely tender. All of the meat smells and looks like the beef I remember eating as a child. About ten years ago we quit eating beef and chicken from the regular grocery stores. Since then I have been buying grass fed and other high end meat products at our local specialty grocer, New Frontiers. The beef we received this year from the Missing Jack Ranch has been more flavorful, juicy and overall better tasting than what I was purchasing previously. In addition to the wonderful quality, the price of the 1/4 beef was an excellent value. We are fortunate to be able to buy locally produced, grass-fed beef that were well cared for during their life. THANKS!

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Missing Jack Ranch Beef- AKA YUM
By: Lynn Parks    (Feb 19, 2011)

We got our delivery of Missing Jack Ranch beef after a long grazing period. I'm glad that Missing Jack Ranch decided to let the cows graze while there was grass out there. The Beef is nothing short of amazing. Everything I make with the beef is fantastic. The bone stock from the roasts is a dream; rich and robust and full of gelatin (like liquid steak). If you are considering buying beef from a local rancher, Missing Jack Ranch is the place to call.

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Missing Jack Ranch Grass Fed is Great!
By: Annette Howell    (Jan 27, 2011)

I would have to say the 1/4 of grass fed beef my family bought last fall was the best we have ever had. We simply have not had one cut that was even average. Every piece is excellent. Tender, juicy and marvelous! My only regret is not buying more. 1/4 beef is just not enough, when it tastes this good the family wants beef every night.

Also, it's comforting to know Missing Jack Ranch really cares about their livestock and I know it's as healthy as I can get.

Thank you Missing Jack Ranch! Keep up the good work!

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Love Missing Jack Ranch Beef
By: Colleen Ament Rasey    (Jan 15, 2011)

My husband and I bought a 1/4 beef from Missing Jack Ranch in fall 2010 and we are loving it! It was our first time buying and eating meat like this. Arroyo Grande Meats did the butchering and packaging (we got to tell them how we like it). The beef has a great taste, it's tender, and I know it's healthy for us because the cows were raised on grass and never given antibiotics or hormones. I also know they had good lives because we live on a ranch next door to the Missing Jack Ranch. They were well taken care of and truly "Happy California Cows." I like giving my business to local people, especially when the product is excellent. I highly recommend this beef!

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