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My favorite CSA
By: lindsay napor    (Apr 28, 2014)

I have belonged to quite a few organic CSAs and LFFC is my favorite. Very good value for the price and their produce is extremely high quality. I also like that I get more unusual varieties than just the salad green and tomato heavy other CSAs. There is only so much salad and gazpacho you can eat. Really good produce.

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Lancaster Farm Fresh - review from three year member
By: Karen Watkins    (Nov 6, 2012)

I've been a subscriber from Lancaster Farm Fresh for three years now (not in a row - '09, then '11 and '12). I've been a full share or half share subscriber and one year each have had a fruit or egg share.

Pros: - makes me eat produce

- expanded my horizons to new veggies - Kohlrabi, for instance is now a favorite.

- produce is mostly organic and always very fresh. Beets, onions, potatoes, corn, salad greens, etc ...

- supports local (Lancaster County) farmers

- eggs are very fresh and really free range - you can tell the difference

Cons: - this year we got a LOT of eggplant and cooking greens, but not nearly as many tomatoes, butternut or acorn squash, corn, etc when they were in full season at the farmers market - I never got ONE winter squash in my 25 weeks! - are they pushing the hard to sell at the farmers market choices on the CSA members???

- cooking greens are often given in such small quanities as to make cooking them laughable .. who is really going to spend 45 minutes cooking SIX leaves of collards? It'd be better to get a whole bunch one a season than a little bit frequently.

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Karen Watkins says:    (Nov 6, 2012)

another note - I've probably referred at least 5 new members over the past couple years

They deserve 5 stars...but
By: Erin Stalzer    (Oct 4, 2012)

The only reason I am giving them 4 stars instead of 5 stars is that we had been picking up our shares in Alexandria last summer. We then decided to sign up for the fall & winter shares. However, they dropped the Alexandria pick up without telling us, and we had already paid for the share, so it meant driving 40 minutes out of the way, or forfeiting the price of the share.

That being said, that was our only bad experience with them, other than occasionally shares being delivered late due to bad traffic. The shares were HUGE! We only had a half share and were constantly overwhelmed trying to figure out what to do with the excess produce. Sometimes there wasn't much variety from week-to-week, but that's what happens with local produce. High quality produce too.

Unfortunately, they permanently dropped our pick up location, so we had to leave their CSA. However, if they added a pick up in Northern Virginia that was outside of the beltway, we'd join them again in a heart beat!

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It's been great!
By: Christin Berry    (Sep 13, 2010)

This year (2010) was my first time participating in a CSA. I absolutely loved it! The veggies from Lancaster Farm Fresh were plentiful and amazingly clean! When I get veggies from my family's farm there's always a lot of dirt and bugs. Nothing like that from LFFC! Everything was washed very thoroughly. And I was also surprised about the amount of veggies. I got a half share and it was a lot of food! I did the fruit share too. I would definitely do it again. It was great to eat new things. I was basically obsessed with what I was getting each week, what I was going to make, etc. I think my family and coworkers were tired of my weekly announcement of what I got! Also, the Arlington pickup was very convenient. It was on Wednesday in 2010 and you can pick up at any time, even in the evening.

Another good thing is that you can order additional items and have them delivered with your share. Dairy, meat, honey, eggs. additional veggies, etc. It's great that it's a one-stop shop.

Also, the staff has been great. Very detailed information provided. I did have one problem and they handled it quickly.

Will definitely do it again in 2011!

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Excellent CSA
By: Mary Cushing    (Feb 8, 2010)

I was a new subscriber to this CSA least year (2009) and was overwhelmed by the quantity, variety, and quality of the produce. My bag was literally overflowing most weeks, and items ranged from various greens to asparagus to watermelon. The produce was cleaned, bagged, and delicious. As another reviewer commented, the CSA is still experiencing some kinks in their deliveries to the Washington, DC area, but the staff has been proactive in trouble-shooting and is keeping its members informed. They just found a new site in my neighborhood, and I've happily resubscribed.

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Excellent variety
By: Francesca Di Silvio    (Feb 2, 2010)

Lancaster Farm Fresh was my first CSA experience, and I highly recommend it. We (2 adults) had a half-share which came every two weeks and was well-sized for two people. The shares definitely got bigger as the season progressed, and I thought that there was a good quantity and variety in the box each week, especially given that it was generally a tough farm season. I enjoyed the weekly newsletters and recipe ideas as well.

The only bad experience we had was with our pickup location which was suddenly not a viable option towards the end of the season. This was due to neighbors' complaints and therefore out of Lancaster Farm Fresh's control, and I thought they handled it as well as possible. They scrambled to find alternative locations at the last minute and were good at communicating the changes. Unfortunately, without the certainty of an upper NW DC pickup this year, we will not be signing up again for 2010. If it weren't for the pickup problem, however, we would definitely be return customers.

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LFF CSA review
By: MacFish    (May 16, 2008)

I went with the CSA at Lancaster Farm Fresh last year and was generally pleased with the share. The shares are fairly huge and the quality is usually really great.

My only complaint was that there wasn't a huge variety of produce - in many cases, the shares were almost identical each week. And in the early Spring there was just too much lettuce. I've seen some of the shares from this year and they seem to be making a concerted effort to include a wider variety of produce - good for them! It shows that they're listening to what their share customers are saying.

There are tons of pick up spots - really convenient.

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