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Great produce & prepared food, plus friendly people
By: A.K. Pertilla    (Jul 22, 2014)

This is a great small market that offers a nice variety of options, including super-local produce from Eco Farms, amazing preserves and fruit from Blades Orchard on the Eastern Shore, plus burritos and Indian food to go if you're just looking for dinner. Highly recommended!

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Lively, homey
By: Jamie Phillips    (Sep 7, 2011)

Every Thursday, the quiet town center of Riverdale Park brightens up with the liveliness of old, when the Farmer's Market takes place from 3 to 7 between May and October. From local musicians performing to all sorts of different specialty vendors (gluten-free breads, smoked meats, recycled art), this town shines with all of the charm a quaint community can provide.

I run into lots of new people as well as familiar faces. It's great to see a normally quiet town center become so vibrant on Thursday afternoons.

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Flowers, Food and Fun--Happy Thursdays!!!
By: Greengrrrl3    (Apr 14, 2011)

Riverdale Farmer's Market improves the quality of life in the whole area. What a delight to be able to buy blue ribbon winning fruit from Harris Orchard--the best in the state plus quality fresh vegetables from Thank God It's Fresh and Mustachio Farms! You can even buy korean food while listening to live music and chatting with your neighbors--it's just great! The vendors are wonderful, full of information and recipes. Herbs, bedding plants, Fresh Eggs and Honey--need I say more! Where else can you buy home-made minted pear preserves or peach cobbler and pineapple upside down cake? The flowers from Red Chimney are just gorgeous from spring to fall, everyone is so friendly. It feels like Paris on thursdays-only friendlier! Thank You Riverdale Park Farmer's Market!!!

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A new local tradition!
By: Michelle Boling    (Apr 7, 2010)

We absolutely love the Riverdale farmer's market. Having been born and raised in this area it is wonderful to finally have a true "local" farmer's market. Since starting my family I've made it a new tradition to stop by every Thursday. Sometimes i meet friends and family, sometimes I eat dinner there and other times I just do some shopping. With all the entertainment and food vendors, in addition to the great produce, it really is a great event to share with your kids.

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One of the Best
By: em    (Oct 8, 2009)

My children and I enjoy this market very much. The farmers remember us from week to week. The hydroponic lettuce is amazing. Still crisp 8-plus days later! You must try the pickled red peppers! Add a little mayo, cheese and bread--a most delicious sandwich. The man at Miguel's Mini Donuts is incredibly kind to my children. Try the Wash Day Lye Soap--oh, the stains it can remove. The honest and humble man I buy my corn, beans, etc. from always makes the trek over to this market worth it.

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Care2 Review: We love this market!
By: Kim G.    (Sep 15, 2009)

I live in Riverdale Park and it's very nice to stop there on Thursday's to shop for fresh produce.

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Care2 Review: We love this market!
By: michelle P.    (Sep 15, 2009)

more than a market an eatery as well, a place for conversation, new ideas, recipes, learning the latest techniques with the best seeds for growing your own gardens. Fresh, safe meats of all varieties and a place that allows the children something to do while parents are shopping...a real town square. The only thing we would ask is that they be open more often.

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What a nice market!
By:    (Sep 2, 2009)

In college, my "weekend" officially started on Thursdays (okay, it was a state school and I was an English major). I'm grateful I was able to continue the tradition through most of my 20s until adulthood got its claws into me.

Now that I'm officially old, my wholesome version of this ritual is the Riverdale Park Farmers Market on Thursdays. I get to bump into friends, there's great music, plenty of room for kids to run around, and that nice weekend-kickoff feeling, with no nasty hangover later.

It's a great market!

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