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Great veggies, fruit and honey!
By: Shirley Scranta    (Mar 25, 2015)

This will be my third year at the Meyerov's CSA. Each year is a different experience with new veggies and new friends. Join with an open mind, a love of fresh veggies and a spirit of adventure. Volunteer to work in the field and greenhouses. Exchange recipes with new friends. In the first year, I was amazed by the amount of greens, the bok choy, napa cabbage, the abundance of tomatoes and cucumbers. There was delicious sweet corn, pie pumpkins, winter squash. An extra bonus was figs, raspberries and crispy apples. In the second year, lots of pea shoots, asparagus, greens,arugula, carrots. We had lots peppers of all varieties, cayenne, yummies, bell peppers, ancho, habanero. While there were fewer tomatoes, there was lots of summer squash, winter squash and the best Candy onions and shallots. The bonus was watermelons, cantalopes, muskmelons and honeydew! The raw honey is the greatest, from the farm's hive

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The Myerov Family Farm CSA
By: Velga Kenigs    (Jan 22, 2011)

Velga Kenigs says: (Jan 21, 2011) I disagree with Trixie Baum's review. I have been a CSA member at The Myerov Family Farm for 2 years, and I have NEVER had a shortage of food. Many of the CSA members say that they had so much food, that they had to give some away to their friends and/or neighbors. Some of the zucchini and squashes were enormous, depending upon the month. The amount of greens that was provided was amazing. Of course, the weather conditions dictate when vegetables should be harvested. If left out during a drought, then they will perish. This past season was especially hot and dry during some of the months. Vegetables were harvested as soon as possible, regardless of size. Otherwise, they would have perished. So - some were smaller in size, but what's wrong with that? Chefs adore baby vegetables! Many CSA members put in twice the required hours of labor time, simply because they enjoyed it so much. It was a fantastic season, overall, and there was such an abundance of food. Much more help would have been appreciated to harvest all of the vegetables. As far as portion size - the idea was to provide a variety of different vegetables, and not just one pound of a single vegetable. How often can you find purple carrots, striped beets, purple potatoes, rare varieties of beans, peas, squashes, greens, melons, etc...? If you want to support small local farmers, then you have to appreciate all that they have to offer - rain, shine, or drought. No one knows what will be given in a package from week to week. Again - it all depends on the weather and growing conditions. That's part of the fun of being a CSA member. You receive a surprise package every week. If you can't deal with that, then it is your loss, and lack of creativity. If you want mass quantities of large vegetables, then just buy them at a grocery store. The vegetables come from across the country, and anywhere south of the U.S. Even farmers' markets carry some items that are not local. I highly recommend joining The Myerov Family Farm, if you really appreciate local food, are adventurous enough to try different varieties of vegetables, and would enjoy spending some quality time outside on the farm. It's so peaceful, and especially therapeutic, for anyone who would welcome a nice get-away. Five stars!!! Velga Kenigs

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