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The're Getting Greener
By: leo brooks    (Apr 12, 2013)

It is exciting to see how "green" Silverbrook has become. The new greenhouses look fabulous. With their new additions we will able to enjoy the wonderful new kinds of produce as well as our old standards throughout the "shoulder seasons" and that is tedrrific news. Thanks for all your good work, Leo Brooks

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These are
By: Barbara Hanley    (Apr 11, 2013)

We've been getting eggs and produce from Silverbrook Farm since 2006, and consider them "our" go-to guys for fresh food. Andy has provided a market for five other farms in the area to sell their produce, ranging from beets to unbelievable corn, and is known for treating his customers fairly.

These Silverbrook folks are serious farmers, partnering where they can to help agriculture in the area, and growing beautiful tomatoes, okra, beans, greens, chickens, you name it, on their 300-year old farm.

We got our turkey from Andy last year, a honking 42-pounder! The best turkey we've ever had, completely moist. A negative: who has a roasting pan that large? Now we do, and we're hooked!

Andy and his team love what they do--and it shows. Andy also has a huge sense of humor under those Irish locks!

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Fresh, beautiful farm shares every week!
By: Paul Schmidt    (Apr 11, 2013)

These guys are fantastic! We have been members of the CSA for the last 5 years. Rarely have we been disappointed. On those occasions they were very happy to make an exchange. We really like the fact that Silverbrook farms without using any herbicides or pesticides. We have also enjoyed the jams and cheeses that are included with the share.

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Poor quality
By: John Oz    (Sep 6, 2012)

We got a CSA from Silverbook this year. Pick it up Cambridge every week.

Very dissapointed with the qulity of the produce. Much of it is rotten by the time we get it. Its like they give all the worst quality produce to the CSA. Lots of people at our company who get a CSA from Silverbrook feel the same.

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Andrew Pollock says:    (Dec 6, 2012)

We are very sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with your CSA. We want you to be happy with your share. That is why we announce frequently that if there are items in your share that you feel are over ripe or damaged in transit, the driver has extra items with him that he can exchange. I don't think that it is fair for you to characterize your share as "mostly rotten". We deliver shares to 7 different corporations in the Boston area, some for over 4 years. I can guarantee you that we would not be asked back if "everyone" thought the shares were "rotten". The bottom line is that we want our customers to be satisfied, but we can only make it right if you let us know you are not happy. Silverbrook Farm