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Great family-run CSA
By: Kimberly Lucas    (Sep 15, 2014)

My friend and I have split a share of Baker's CSA for the last several years and are pleased with both the items we receive and the positive attitude the Baker family takes toward their business. It's a pleasure when pickup day rolls around each week, partly because we get delicious veggies, but also because we get to visit with Donna and her family. We like having the option of an egg and a honey CSA as well as the produce one and being able to purchase chicken straight from the farmers (the Bakers). When tomato and pepper season rolls around, the Bakers set up a tomato and pepper bar, with a variety of both types of vegetables to choose from. We can select tomatoes and peppers according to our meal plans. In the winter, the Bakers offer an egg CSA to their regular CSA customers, a service we appreciate as it can be difficult to find local free-range eggs during that season.

Donna and her family take pride in their CSA, and we appreciate that effort. HIghly recommended.

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Great Family, Great Veggies
By: Jacki Lewis    (Mar 20, 2012)

We have been part of the Baker's CSA for the past 4 years. We have absolutely fallen in love with them, their farm and their produce. We count down the days until our next pick-up.

The family is warm and welcoming and make it a point to learn the names and preferences of every CSA member and seeing Donna and Bob and their kids work around the farm has been so fun for us.

They have a really open, welcoming feel on the farm and tell members right up front to wonder around, take the cart out and look at the new growth. This just puts a whole new face on the food we are eating- being able to see it sprout right out of the ground.

The thing we love the most though is the great quality fruits, veggies, honey and eggs that the Bakers consistently provide. The fresh, organic perfect veggies have turned me into a total food snob.

We renew every year as soon as they let us so we won't miss out on another year of enjoying the atmosphere and delicious food! If you are considering trying a CSA for the first time, please contact Donna and Bob. You will be happy you did.

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Baker's Fresh Produce and Honey Review
By: Jennie Giaconia    (Dec 15, 2009)

This CSA is a class act. Joining it would make sense simply for the health, economic, and environmental benefits; however, we found the experience to be enriching in many other ways that we hadn't anticipated. The Bakers are some of those special people who can run a highly organized, efficient, and professional business while also maintaining a warmth and openness with their members that makes people want to return year after year.

After a season of eating fresh, organic, locally-grown produce, we have a whole new impression of vegetables -- almost as though we'd forgotten what real food is supposed to taste like. If you're like us, you try to include produce in your meals because you know it's good for you. During CSA months, though, we actually look FORWARD to eating the vegetables and don't really care much what we have to go with it. We also tried many foods we hadn't before, and have now developed a love for things like Swiss chard, kohlrabi, and turnip greens. An added benefit: you will lose weight without even thinking about it, simply because you'll end up rounding out your daily intake with lots of tasty, healthy veggies.

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My favorite CSA!
By: Jennifer McMullen    (Dec 2, 2008)

The Bakers have been coming to the Wooster Farmers' Market for years, and I've long enjoyed visiting with them and buying lots of their excellent produce. This year, though, I bought a CSA share from them and shared it with my parents, and we were thrilled to get so much good local produce throughout the summer. We tried new (to us) items like tomatillos and had plenty of our personal favorites like kohlrabi and okra. Bob and Donna are warm, generous people and committed to giving their customers the very best, and they are always open to suggestions and new ideas. Their children are all a delight, too, and they renew one's faith in the future of family farming.

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Family farming at its finest
By: Beth Knorr    (Apr 25, 2008)

The Bakers are such a fantastic family that it would be difficult to resist purchasing anything from them. They are genuinely kind people, and the entire family is involved- it's so exciting to see kids excited about farming. Their onions are incredible!

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