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By: Carrie Ebling    (Sep 1, 2009)

Ahhh, where to begin this rant... From the ruined holiday roast that turned out to be a shank, to the never ending excuse "I forgot" from Dennis, as an explanation for any of his countless customer service failings, it has been a miserable year of association with the Son Up to Son Down Ranch. The "Premium" share we've been getting for the last year has been largely such high-quality cuts as "sirloin tip" and ground beef and pork sausage. The New York strip steaks we did get once could have soled my shoes for many years to come. All of this could have been overlooked as a fledgling ranch's initial attempts at a CSA, IF (and this is a big IF) there was any customer service to speak of. Dennis is largely unavailable by either phone or email and completely incapable of follow through. I am still waiting on the refund check for undelivered product (he asked me to meet him in Beaverton at a specific time and date and didn't show up when I got off of work early and traveled from SE Portland at his request to meet him...). He promised this check almost a month ago and doesn't even have the courtesy to reply to my emails, much less refund my money. Look elsewhere at the market for other higher-quality meats and better customer service, where your time and dollars are respected.

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