We raise grass fed beef and pork. We believe in treating them humanely and allowing them to enjoy the land as much as we do. No growth hormones or unnatural growing practices allowed on our farm. We follow organic practices, but have not been certified. Our family is made up of Dad, Mom and six strapping sons. We eat what we raise, therefore we take great care to give it our best.

Listing last updated on Oct 12, 2010

We have been a successful meat CSA for almost a year now, and we are thrilled to be a positive part of our community. We hope others will continue to join and make pasture fed/humanely raised meat an option for more people. Please visit us at the Cedar Mill Farmers Market, or visit our blog, "Fodder From The Ranch".

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Ahhh, where to begin this rant... From the ruined holiday roast that turned out to be a shank, to the never ending excuse "I forgot" from Dennis, as an explanation for any of his countless customer service failings, it has been a miserable year of association with the Son Up to Son Down Ranch.... [more]

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Farmers Market Excitement!


We are so excited about experiencing our first Farmers Market in May. We have bought the tables, the canopy, and all the little things that should make it go off without a hitch. We have been preparing all the jerky and pepperoni and we love to stand back and see all the sealed packages pile up.... [more]

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