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By: MICHELLE MCDANIEL    (Feb 15, 2014)

My family and I have been going to the Grove School farmer market for almost three years mainly for Three Sisters Farm. I am never disappointed when I arrive. The family is very nice, and ALL their offerings are a 10 and a lot of variety. Thank you so much for being local and part of this very important sustainable and healthy food revolution.

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Wonderful Farm, Wonderful Family
By: John Shrader    (Apr 8, 2013)

Jason & Abby are amazing people. We toured their farms as part of a cooking class excursion. Their produce is terrific and they put all their heart and soul into the work they are doing. If you live in Redlands, make sure and go the Farmer's Market and see them!

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Absolutely Amazing!
By: Mike Casavan    (Jun 15, 2010)

Words cannot explain how excited we are about this farm and the owners, Abby and Jason. I purchased some of their veggies at the Redlands Farmers Market and was blown away. First thing I see is an adorable 1 year old (+/-) standing in a playpen chewing on a zucchini. That should tell you these veggies are the best.....child proven. Anyway, the vegetables tasted like nothing you can buy in the store. Carrots that tasted guessed it, Carrots. Zucchini that had the earthy sweet fresh taste that you just don't get from the grocery store. You will not be dissapointed unless you are trying to get on the CSA....sorry they are full. Maybe someday but until then I will be at the Redlands Market Saturday Mornings.

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CSA Extraordinaire
By: Nonie Kleinhans    (Feb 19, 2010)

You would not believe the # of items that you get in a subscription. They also will let you tour their farm, even when you are late (as another reviewer pointed out). I, too, brought friends and were late in arriving. They still let us take a tour, even letting us see their house.

Still, it is the produce that will most amaze you. Trust me, it is beautiful. Plus, they provide the produce to Farm Artisan Restaurant for their monthly vegetarian/vegan meals.

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Local organic produce really close to home.
By: Craig Carignan    (Jun 15, 2009)

I called them up on some pretty short notice and asked if my daughter and a couple friends could come out and get some produce. They said is was okay, but we ran alittle late (almost 2 hours) and when we arrived they were really cool. We got the sampler pack and they had a great selection, good price and really nice quality. We had some of the lettuce for dinner and it was fantastic. We'll be going back for sure.

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Can't wait!!
By: Jasmin    (Mar 16, 2009)

After calling Abby to set up a time to pick up some produce, my husband, daughter and I took the drive a few miles from home to go up the canyon drive on a beautiful Saturday morning. As we drove up to the farm we were met by Jason, Abby, and their daughter. They were very welcoming and I couldn't help but watch over Abby's shoulder as she started gathering our vegetables fresh for us, right out of the ground!

After getting home, I put together a salad that evening from the lettuce, radishes, carrots, beats, and arugula, along with the little flowers Abby told me to sprinkle on our salads. Everything tasted amazing and I can't wait to have the opportunity to get on the CSA list.

Thanks again!!

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Can Feel The Love!!!
By: Cristina    (Aug 10, 2008)

I was privileged to try this fresh local produce for the first time last night. I was blown away by the taste of the fresh crisp cucumber. The farmers, Abby & Jason encouraged my family and I to come tour their farm the next day, to see what it was all about. Again, I was BLOWN away! Their farm is stunning! It lies against the canyon with rolling hills in the background. On this particular day it was over 90 degrees, with a gentle wind keeping us all cool. The white thunderhead clouds settling over the mountain tops made it picture perfect...but back to the wonderful food.

We were able to see our fresh veggies being grown. Jason picked some zucchini and more cucumbers for our enjoyment. Abby gladly let us harvest some fresh peaches, which are near and dear to my heart! Also growing was corn, gourds, winter squash & also beginning to sprout were some wild flowers, that will soon turn into a beautiful bouquet!

Later in the day when we were enjoying our cucumber salad, I asked my niece why does local grown produce taste so much better than store bought produce? She proudly told me, "It is because the veggies can feel the love when they are growing." Hmmmm, I wonder if she is onto something!! By the looks of this farm it is apparent that Abby & Jason truly love what they do!! We can not wait to become "official" members of this CSA!!

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