Three Sisters Farm is located in San Timoteo Canyon in Redlands, California and has been certified organic since our inception in 2008. After acquiring our 20 acres of land in 2003, we designed and built a straw bale home. Our crops are grown on 1 acre and our produce is sold through our CSA and one farmers market. We grow beautiful greens and lettuces, a variety of root crops, seasonal specialties, fresh herbs and cut flowers. Our organic methods include maintaining a diverse crop rotation to discourage pests, planting native trees, shrubs and flowers to attract beneficial insects, birds and other predators, limiting deep cultivation of the soil, composting, green manuring, mulching, micro-irrigation and hand weeding.

Listing last updated on Sep 23, 2020

The Three Sisters garden is a traditional Native American planting of corn, squash and beans. The beneficial coexistence of the three species provides valuable sustenance as well as lore and legend in the culture. Sister corn grows up tall and straight while sister bean enriches the soil and stretches her vines up for support and sister squash provides cover over the bare ground with her canopy of large leaves.

Season:  February through December

Type:  single farm

Since:  2009

# of Shares:  40

Share Prices:  $210/quarter (biweekly=2 shares/mo.) $420/quarter (weekly=4 shares/mo.) 1 qtr.=3 months

Work Req?  No

Markets on LocalHarvest

Schedule and Location:

The Farmers Market at The Grove School
Saturdays, 8am-12pm, year-round, rain or shine
Orange Avenue between Iowa and Nevada Streets, Redlands
(west of Alabama, north of Barton Road)

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Words cannot explain how excited we are about this farm and the owners, Abby and Jason. I purchased some of their veggies at the Redlands Farmers Market and was blown away.... [more]

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