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Yay for another season!
By: V Bourdot    (May 2, 2012)

First delivery & first hummingbird of the year at our house today. Last year's produce was fffresh and right to our doorstep! The boxes were packed full, the deliciousness was bursting. And now the newsletter includes descriptions and recipes. Mmmmmm. Jah's Creation is growing. (Last year's corn was precious, we sang Joni Mitchell as we husked)

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Can't Please Everybody
By: Bill Rafferty    (Apr 6, 2012)

It is a shame that Jo was so disappointed and unhappy. In my experience with life there will always be people who are unhappy in their own life. Sometimes it is better for them to move on. As a member of the CSA, I wish you well and hope that you find happiness. We have been very pleased, satisfied members for three years. Is it perfect? No. But life is not perfect. Matt is constantly trying to upgrade, refine and improve his product, delivery and overall CSA experience. The priviledge of eating organic produce far out weighs the glitches that sometimes occur. In short, we are supremely happy with the product and the service because we are mature enough to know that those seeking perfection only end up wallowing in their own disappointments. Keep up the good work Matt, it is a priviledge.

ps. You have turned us on to some wonderful vegetables that we never knew existed and great recipes too!

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Happy CSA customer
By: Laurie Lee Walters    (Apr 5, 2012)

I have been a member of this CSA for 3 years now. I am a certified agriculture and science teacher. I love that I can eat vegetables that have been grown locally and are fresh. I have always been pleased with the quality of the produce delivered and I am happy with the very reasonable price. Whenever I email Matt with a question or comment I receive a quick response. I have spoken with Matt on the phone and he is always pleasant and helpful. I highly recommend this CSA

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I support local farmers but
By: Josie Bee    (Mar 10, 2012)

The price I paid was not worth it.

I grew up in a family where we helped our grandfather plant a very large vegetable garden every spring and harvested every fall. I understand the work and effort that comes with having a garden. I can just imagine what it takes to run a farm.

That is why I am really hesitant to leave something negative when someone is trying to do something positive. It bothers me to live in the "Garden State" and have to buy a vegetable from California or Mexico.

The owner, I got the impression, has overextended himself as far as the labor and management of the program is concerned. I felt there was preference and more care given to what was sent to the local markets and to local restaurants then what was sent to my home. The guy needs help and, through email communication with him, it's just two people working the farm and delivering.

Without getting into details, quality and quantity was not great (3 wormy corn cobs 5 inches long, yellowing greens) you might get a couple of meals out of it; if you have a problem, the owner, Matt, is very defensive. (Sorry, you were not nice). Updates to the website on how cook some of the stuff was not there and, as the summer progressed, there were no emails indicating what was in the box (some of it was not regular summer veggies).

My recommendations would be to hire additional labor ( or volunteers or interns) so everyone gets something good every week and ,possibly, hiring someone to field the email and maintain the website who knows how to deal with the public.

I am willing to pay money for health and well-being of my family as long as the quality is there and if it isn't, someone to say "I'm sorry. What can I do to make things better?" I was willing to hang in there with them but I felt they took my money and forgot about who was supporting them...

This year I vote with my feet, and from this website, I happily have other options.

Best Regards,


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Matthew Bruckler III says:    (Mar 16, 2012)

Thank you for your honesty and willingness to support our farm during the 2011 season. We are sad to see you go and would have loved to have you with us as we build our CSA for the future. Most of your concerns have been addressed as we are currently working with Students and Professors from Stockton State College, Atlantic, Cumberland and Glouster County/Rutgers Co-Operative Extension Services, NOFA-NJ, CSA members and many others to assure the continued success of our CSA. We hosted 3 dinner events this past fall and early winter where all CSA members were invited to join us and discuss our CSA and what we need to do to improve on things. The 2012 season is well under swing and we have 2 full time field hands working with Matt, a Delivery Driver, a Farm Marketer and numerous others who have been working behind the scenes. You can follow us on Face Book to see what we have been up to lately. Just go to Jah's Creation Organic Farm | Facebook.

Delicious Organic Creations!
By: Julianna Greenawalt    (Jan 29, 2010)

I began buying my produce from my local Acme, and was very dissappointed in the duration of freshness and overall taste. I knew I had to find some place better. I asked around, as I am new to the concept of eating healthy, and everyone seemed to throw out the same name: Jah's Creation. Jah's Creation supplies my friends' businesses as well and other freinds' pantries. The company is very versatile in that regard. I had to see for myself. I went to Steve and Cookies farmers market and was very impressed. My produce lasted longer and was absolutely delicious. It was more reasonable priced than I expected for organic produce too. Jah's Creation you have created a customer for life!

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The best tomatoes EVER!!!
By: Coleen Basile    (Jan 29, 2010)

I like to think of myself as an experienced organic produce connoisseur. So when I stumbled across Jah's creations and took one bite of his sweet & juicy tomatoes I knew instantly that I would become a raving fan. I am not a CSA member although I love to visit the farmers market every weekend to indulge on this wide variety of fresh produce.

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