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Only the best for my family..
By: Stephanie Fabian    (Aug 31, 2009)

I have been buying and enjoying Skelton Farm's Piedmontese beef for the past 9 months---I am a very satisfied customer.The most important thing in my life is what my children put into their bodies as nourishment. Piedmontese cattle graze and eat fresh grass that is completely free of pesticides or herbicides.This beef is low fat and delicious----I have enjoyed the steaks, roasts and burgers There is no comparison between store bought and Piedmontese.....the quality of Piedmontese is far superior in every way.

Try this beef! You'll never go back to the supermarket!

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Lean and Taste Great
By: Suzanne Rodgers    (Aug 27, 2009)

I tried this beef and it was very lean and tender and the beef just tasted amazing and also its always great to know about all the higher Omega-3 and protein values

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