Skelton Farms represents the third generation of Skeltons that have been farming in Edinboro Pa. We have been raising 100% grass fed Piedmontese x Murray Gray Beef cattle free of antibiotics and growth hormones since 1995. We are a small family run farm and care deeply about the land and animals in our stewardship. We recently received certifications from A Greener world and are Animal Welfare Approved and certified Grass-fed.

Piedmontese Beef is natually tender and low in fat and Cholesterol. Lower in fat than skinless breast of chicken. USDA and University studies confirm that Piedmontese beef has the highest amounts of good poly unsaturated fats and the lowest amounts of saturated fats, in addition the highest percentages ofOmega 3 EFA and DHA when compaired to all other beef breeds tested.

And best of all the beef is full of flavor and exceptionally tender.

So, Why Buy beef from us?

The answer is as simple as our philosophy of raising our cattle. Clean, safe, beef, raised humanely and with pride. Our calves are born on our farm in clean pastures. They romp through the pastures, streams and woods, nursing from their mothers and eating fresh grass that is completely free of pesticides or herbicides. Throughout the winter, they eat orchard grass hay that has been harvested from our farm, grown without pesticides or herbisides. They never leave the farm until the day of slaughter, a short 15 minute ride away. The processing plant is an immaculate, small, facility that that is operated with pride and is open to the pubic. Anyone is free to visit our farm or the processing plant any day, any time, during regular business hours.

Why Piedmontese X Murray Gray Beef

With traditional American beef, fat equals flavor. The USDA grading system is founded on this premise, with USDA Choice Beef having the highest fat content of all the grades. However, with Piedmontese beef, fat is not necessary for flavor. The beef is tender and notably delicious without the fat!
The Piedmontese cattle breed comes to us from the Italian Alps and Murray Gray from Australia. Both cattle breeds have evolved in a pure environments to become a truly efficient breeds. Genetically different from all other cattle breeds they produce low fat, tender, healthy beef. Piedmontese carry a unique gene that reduces fat while improving tenderness.

Skelton Farms has been breeding Piedmontese Beef cattle since 1995. In the beginning we started out with two Full Blood Piedmontese cows one Full Blood Piedmontese bull and 15 Angus cross cows. We have selectively breed to the best bulls and retained the best heifers for our cow calf operation. We recently added the outstanding Murray Gray to our breeding program to produce outstanding beef. The cross is called Grayman in Australia.

We sell finished beef in assortment packages of 40 and 80 lbs or by the side or whole. Assortment packages are sold by actual weight of nearly boneless, frozen packaged beef. All steaks are packaged individually and roast are about 2 -3lbs. We also sell ground beef by the pound. All beef is vacuum packed. Please call 814-734-7008 to order.

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We are an Animal Welfare Approved & certified Grass-fed family farm raising 100% grass fed and finished Piedmontese x Murray Gray beef. Our beef is all natural and dry aged 11 to 21 days. Our cattle graze rotationally over our many pastures in family groups. Our farming practices produce carbon negative beef! Our beef is better for the earth better for the cow & better for you than conventionally raised beef! No Growth Hormones, No Antibiotics, No Pesticides or herbicides. Beef is processed locally and humanely at a nearby butcher. All beef is frozen in cryo-vac packages. Ground beef & assortment Packs are available year round . To order call Trish 814-734-7008 leave a message or email

Schedule and Location:

Here at the farm, call to arrange a time to pick up your beef.

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I tried this beef and it was very lean and tender and the beef just tasted amazing and also its always great to know about all the higher Omega-3 and protein values

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