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Wonderful CSA
By: Shaundra Heimermann    (Oct 24, 2018)

The best CSA I have ever been a part of! The quality of organic produce is excellent and so fresh! Everything lasts for weeks if properly stored. It is great to have so many choices and try new things. Tamara is so knowledgeable and passionate about what she grows. I would highly recommend joining Windy River Eco Farm CSA!

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satisfied costumer
By: Rachael Jarvis    (Dec 2, 2013)

We have been a three year CSA costumer of Grandma's Garden and we have been very pleased. Tamara's produce is always excellent and fresh. We love that she uses organic methods and grows non-gmo and heirloom varieties. Her fresh produce is so much better than anything at the store! After getting used to eating truly fresh vegetables everything at the supermarket seems bland and tasteless. We have 6 children and we have loved raising them eating fresh vegetables and fruit from a local farmer. They are always excited to see what veggies we are getting each week, and I believe Grandma's Garden's has instilled a love of vegetables in them they would not otherwise have. Tamara is very professional and sincere in caring about the environment and providing high quality produce and service to her costumers. She also writes an interesting and informative newsletter each week with pictures and updates from her garden that I enjoy reading, along with many delicious recipes. Highly recommend!

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wonderful experience
By: jennifer Hanson    (Oct 20, 2013)

I love going to Grandma's Farm and seeing how much care Tamy takes to get everything just right, and making the the CSA experience easy for her customers. She really knows her business. I appreciate the recipes we get because I am not particularly creative in the kitchen. My husband likes to read her news letters and has become more interested in the food we eat. I feel good feeding my family the freshest and cleanest food possible. I have known Tamy for many years, and she has a very strong work ethic, So I know we will always be treated fairly, and she will always try to do her best for her customers. We highly recommend "Grandma's Farm" produce

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MUCH more than we expected!
By: Penny Murphy    (Jan 28, 2011)

I am so glad I found Grandma's Garden and Tamara Hanson in 2010! I had been in other CSA's in previous years and was looking for something better and I found it in Grandma's Garden. Tamara made me feel like I was actually a part of the farming experience. She sends out an amazing email/newsletter each week detailing what is going on in the garden, what everyone is getting, and how to use it. I really enjoyed the pictures and instructions - she is a wealth of knowledge. As a dietitian and an avid gardener, I know quite a bit about healthy eating - but Tamara gave us such a wide variety of vegetables that it was unbelievable! We learned so much and tried (and enjoyed!) new varieties of garden delights. Several of my co-workers also participate in different CSA's and they were all envious about my take each week when I would bring in the extras to share with them. (Yes, I got so much I had to have help getting it eaten). I really appreciated that she took our likes and dislikes into account each week when she divided up the shares. I also enjoyed the extra's she put in our shares occasionally, such as flowers, herbs, seasoning mixtures, and that caramel coconut sauce was to die for! Grandma's Garden isn't going to be the best CSA experience for someone that only wants the basic vegetables that you can pick up in your local grocery store - Grandma's Garden is for those of us that want more! More variety, more personalized interaction with the actual farmer who grew our food, and more for our money. Grandma's Garden is an excellent value and I readily recommend it for your CSA choice!

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