Think outside the box! Windy River Eco Farm is a small farm using chemical free and sustainable techniques, with an emphasis on flavorful heirloom varieties. A large variety of tasty crops are grown so the season is well-supplied. We don't pack boxes. Instead, members get free choice of the items they want off tables set up like a market booth! E-newsletters will describe the weekly produce and give tips and recipes for delicious, gourmet meals. Some of the feature crops are juicy, flavorful heirloom tomatoes in various shapes and colors, big onions, garlic, leeks, fingerling potatoes, peppers, herbs, and colored carrots. Flower shares are available. The crops are chosen by taste and we try to grow things that will be enjoyed. Share choices include homemade canned and baked goods as well as seasonal produce. Regular season is 22 weeks- a month longer than most CSAs!
Please read the CSA information pages on this website. We are committed to helping improve the way Americans eat. Choose local, fresh, healthy real food!

We sell fresh produce, baked, dried and canned goods to order from home. We use only non-GMO ingredients! Pizza crusts are our specialty and hand made pies.

Looking for local restaurants that want produce, flowers and herbs.

Listing last updated on Jan 15, 2021

A small, chemical free farm that specializes in heirloom produce. 14th year in business; 12th year of CSA. Regular season is 22 weeks this year, plus late fall shares are available. Windy River CSA allows members to choose their share contents and is the freshest and tastiest around! Every week or every other week share sizes and single person size. You generally choose 9 items off the tables. This means you only get food you like! Full 6 month season. Flower shares available too.

Season:  May through October

Type:  single farm

Since:  2008

# of Shares:  40

Share Prices:  Full share $675 for 22 weeks. Every other week $345 for 11 weeks. Payment options available. Partial season commitment available.

Work Req?  No

Big Lake Coborn's.
Bob and Judy's Farm Market, Big Lake

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We have been a three year CSA costumer of Grandma's Garden and we have been very pleased. Tamara's produce is always excellent and fresh. We love that she uses organic methods and grows non-gmo and heirloom varieties.... [more]

I love going to Grandma's Farm and seeing how much care Tamy takes to get everything just right, and making the the CSA experience easy for her customers.... [more]

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