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Are the produce organic?
By: Jhae AG    (Mar 7, 2020)

Looking forward to writing a good review. Though my question is,are the produce organic? Thank you in advance?

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By: Robert Fiske    (Jun 29, 2012)

I am an exuberant member of The Growing Experience in Long Beach, California.

I am so happy to have a *local* CSA where I get my fruits and vegetables! I know that my food has a tiny carbon footprint, as compared to the produce that people buy in supermarkets.

The other great thing about The Growing Experience are some of the unusual heirloom varieties I get to try. Apple mint? Yacon? Purple carrots? Never knew about any of this before I joined. It's very exciting.

I tell lots of other Long Beach residents about TGE. It's hard to contain my enthusiasm!

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The Growing Experience Rocks
By: Jim Conrads    (Jun 28, 2012)

We love the Growing Experience. First of all, a fully functioning farm with chickens and a fish farm in the middle of a housing project??? Come one people, this is the future, and it's so cool:-) Jimmy and his small staff do an amazing job bringing us incredibly fresh and delicous produce all year long. This is consistently the best CSA box we get. Not to mention the incredible value for the price, it's really an great deal. For me the biggest benefit is the weekly visit to the farm to pick up my box. I love chatting with Jimmy and walking around the farm to see what they are up to. It's so peaceful and hopeful. If you're in the area and at all inclined to participate in a CSA, the Growing Experience is a fantastic place to support.

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Love the bay leaf
By: Shirley Masterson    (Aug 10, 2011)

We are into our 3rd month with Growing Experience and are enjoying the excellent produce. We've had some old favorites and some new eating experiences. I may never use dried bay leaf again! The amount of produce is more than generous, even for veggies lovers like us.

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We love The Growing Experience!!
By: Jeneva Snyder    (Aug 8, 2011)

Jimmy and the other subscribers have been super helpful since I first joined last month and I love everything we are getting. It has challenged us to try new foods and all of the veges have been absolutely beautiful. I feel I get a very generous amount of food in each box, definitely worth every penny.

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So much GROWTH! :)
By: Ana Salatino    (Mar 28, 2011)

As a CSA: The weekly boxes are great, and always present me with a new fruit or veggie to try. The share is generous, and we love that Jimmy helped others in my area coordinate pick-ups so that we have less cars driving up to the farm every week.

But, the Growing Experience is so much more than a CSA! I'm thrilled to be taking a new gardening class being offered. Also, Jimmy is always working on festivals and seasonal events to welcome newcomers and community members to the farm.

Food isn't the only thing growing here (although it's certainly good & plenty) :) The Growing Experience is a place of growth, both in the personal and in the communal realm!


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Rachel Worthington says:    (Oct 22, 2011)

thank you for your post. i'm excitedt that i've found this website and this farm. i'm new to the long beach area; i bought my first house not far from this farm last year. tried some gardening over the summer but didn't do too well. i'm excited to get more involved in my community and learn more about sustainable agriculture, more about what i can do at my house and for my community!

We heart The Growing Experience!
By: Laura Serna    (Mar 24, 2011)

We love going to The Growing Experience to pick up our share. My toddler says hi to everyone including the chickens. The salad mix is delicious--we eat salad every night now and the other fresh fruit and vegetables are tasty. I've been challenged (in a good way) to learn how to cook things I'd never experimented with before.

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An experience with a surprise!
By: Elizabeth Edwards    (Mar 22, 2011)

My college kids were bugging me to check out CSA. My son actually contacted The Growing Experience to find out more about it and my daughter volunteered with an after school program which served at The Growing Experience. I thought I found something special and little did I know this was exactly where they were leading me; pays to listen.

The surprise inside every fabulous, delicious, mouth watering box I pick up at the Growing Experience is that my kids can't wait to come home, visit their mom and have a fantastic dinner. The surprise is, I get to see more of my children. Thank you Growing Experience!

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