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Wonderful selection! Lovely people
By: Lisa Nicholson    (Jan 7, 2020)

I visited their farm stand the other day, and everyone was SO nice and helpful. I was surprised by the variety of produce they had despite it being January. Leeks, carrots, potatoes of different varieties, escarole, and greens, among others. I also got some tasty hot sauce and some farm made corn meal. Yum! I'm shifting from buying produce at Trader Joes (still love em), to here, because hey it's always fresh, local, and organic. And the prices are very reasonable.

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Tierra Fan
By: Patrice Giansante    (Mar 2, 2012)

My husband and I have been Tierra Farms CSA members for many years-summer and winter. We started by picking up our weekly boxes at the farm, but when we moved to Santa Rosa we pick-up our boxes on Benton Street. We feel very fortunate to have Tierra Farms as a local resource. The vegetables and food products are super fresh, varied by season and always good. We have had the chance to try foods we would not otherwise eat or have available. The recipes and links keep things interesting. Evie, Wayne and Lee are the best! Thank you for making our life healthier, more delicious and a little more fun!

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It is like opening Christmas presents each time....
By: Liz Brandon    (Feb 29, 2012)

You never know what you are going to get, but it is really nice to find new surprises each time. I love the organic veges. and I think the thought into the dried tomatoes to the sour crout are really well thought out in advance.... I am a new member, (first season), and I will be long term! Thank you for all your efforts Tierra! thanks Evie, you always have a smile on, Liz Brandon

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Community Grows
By: niessia benedetti diehl    (Feb 24, 2012)

We are a family of five that have been Tierra CSA members for many years- so long that I remember using their veggies to make baby food for our 4th grader! Tierra is a community treasure, offering the farm as a local gathering spot- a chance to connect with neighbors, walk the fields, pick a flower, chew on a carrot, check out the view from the barn loft. Evie, Lee and Wayne have a way of making you feel like a part of their farming community. And, the farm creates community with their special "Pizza Pie Under the Sky" dinners and barn raising events. Want to know who grows your food, who your neighbors are, and how to sustain a community? Check out Tierra!

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Let food be thy medicine
By: Dak Suangka    (Feb 24, 2012)

Place kids within close proximity to real, whole, natural food; engage them in the process of meal preparation and we can change their futures. Cooking real food is the key to understanding life. With a simple knife and cutting board, access to some fresh food, we can change the world -- our very future -- one dinner at a time.

Tierra Vegetables Farm is that place for our Family and believe it will change the world!

and the carrots are super duper uber SWEET!

Thank you planet earth!

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a local TREASURE!
By: Pamela Kind    (Feb 23, 2012)

This is my third year with Tierra's CSA program and I still get excited every time I pick up my box. I LOVE this farm and its wonderful hardworking owners...Evie, Lee and Wayne are the best! They coax an amazing variety of food out of 17 well-farmed acres. A huge assortment of heirloom dried beans, chilis hot and mild, sweet peppers of every kind, the best carrots on the planet, asparagus, artichokes, lettuce, onions, garlic, leeks, scallions, beets, rutabagas, summer & winter squash, kale, chicory, arugula, chard, Asian greens, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, red & green cabbage, cauliflower, eggplant, tomatoes, celery, parsnips, radishes, herbs, flowers, corn, potatoes, amazing strawberries, rhubarb to die for....and on and on and on. Not to mention all the hard to find unusual things. Cardoons, salsify, or puntarelle anyone? They also offer fresh laid eggs, wool & yarn from their Shetland sheep, dried chilis, smoked chilis, and chili jam. I'm sure I'm leaving a few things out, but the point is they offer a HUGE variety of local, seasonal produce all grown sustainably without the use of pesticides.

The (mostly) weekly CSA program is a bargain at $22 but if you can't commit to that, everything is also available for sale right there at the farmstand on Airport Blvd. Unless I inherit some farmland of my own I'll be a T.V. customer for life. I love them and can't recommend them enough!

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Tierra is a community treasure!
By: Lisl Christie    (Feb 23, 2012)

I am in my fourth year as a very happy Tierra Farms CSA member. I joined in order to eat more organic vegetables, and a greater variety of produce. My expectations have been surpassed in every way! Since joining this CSA, my monthly food bill has actually gone down, since I now plan my meals and shopping around the CSA offerings. I have learned to love many vegetables that I hated as a child, especially beets, which are delicious when cooked properly! The cornmeal, dried chiles, and popcorn are also delicious in recipes, and I have referred many, many friends to Tierra as a result. The Tierra staff couldn't be more welcoming and knowledgeable. I love knowing the farmers behind my food. Thank you, Tierra!

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Veg-Head love!
By: claire lepine-arvanitakis    (Feb 23, 2012)

Year round perfection! My husband works next door to their kitchen and after being tempted with their produce we finally joined their CSA and couldn't be happier. For the two of us, the weekly box is just a bit more than enough. We are able to freeze, can, dry and share some of the bounty. Besides being local and organic, the variety is spot on, we never feel like we are missing out on favorites. I was raised vegetarian, my parents owned a natural food store, so even the "weird" stuff in the box is "normal" to me. My adventurous husband loves trying new stuff, his current favorite is roasted parsnips, which he calls "Winter's french fries". We get to be creative in our cooking and have added new meals to our regular weekly routine. On top of that, we love going to the farm once a week. The energy, smiles, dogs, popcorn, kids and other customers combine to create a really special experience.

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