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Fort Hill Farm - FANTASTIC !
By: Kat    (Jul 12, 2008)

As a CSA member of Fort Hill Farm, I sing its praises daily to everyone I know. My friends are envious of my cooking and are in awe of my new kitchen practices (like blanching & freezing extra veggies or freezing extra herbs into ice cubes.) I go to the farm once a week to pick up my 'share' and also go into the fields for the 'pick your own' crops(things like pea pods, strawberries, herbs, flowers), and am always amazed at how beautiful the crops look and taste. The farm crew is friendly and helpful. The CSA members are interesting people; you never know who you might bump into in the fields! The shares are so plentiful that I had to buy a new chest freezer to hold all of my extra food so that I may enjoy it in the winter. I grew up in the Midwest, where all of us had huge gardens (or farms) and grew our own vegetables and herbs; I have missed that immensely since moving to the east coast.

The benefits from joining this farm: I get to see where my food is grown; I get to eat LOCALLY GROWN & organically grown produce.

To top it off, the farm prints a weekly newsletter to tell us about what has been happening on the farm that week. They give a description of the veggies that are available that week and print some of their favorite recipes for the shareholders. I will continue to recommend Fort Hill and other CSAs to everyone I meet.

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