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Best little farm
By: Mary Pawson    (Nov 22, 2019)

If you live or work anywhere between Petaluma and Santa Rosa, Coyote Family Farm is an easy detour for an excellent farm share. The veggies and eggs are great and Sonya's flowers are over-the-top lovely.

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Fantastic Farmshare!
By: Nicole Peters    (Nov 22, 2019)

We have been so lucky to receive our CSA from Coyote Family Farms this year. We are conscientious consumers, and appreciate that CFF takes such care in their farming practices and are excellent land stewards. The produce is of the highest quality and the variety is perfect! I love trying new recipes from the Cook With What You Have subscription that is included. We get a notification about what is coming each week, what is being planted, and feel more connected to our community with the invitations to Harvest Lunch, mini music festivals, and farm tours. Best of all, we don't have to think twice about steaming up these veggies for our 6 month old - she loves the carrots!

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Beautiful produce and great customer service
By: Lisa Sitkin    (Nov 21, 2019)

We've been getting boxes from Coyote Family Farms since they first started, and we have continued to subscribe because of the quality and diversity of the produce we get. They're also very responsive and flexible when we are going to be out of town and need to skip a scheduled pick-up. These farmers care deeply about what they grow and about the people who receive their bounty.

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A Gift Every Week is Right!
By: Marla Beck    (Nov 21, 2019)

My 12-year-old loves to open our farm share box every other week. Our produce is vibrant, fresh, delicious and home-grown...and at family meals, we proudly say: "It's from our farm." Gem lettuces, tomatoes, green onions and strawberries are especially tasty.

I was new to a farm share, and not sure I'd recognize the various vegetables...much less know how to cook and serve them. Each week, Sonya mentored me with a friendly note about the farm share that week, and how she likes to use the different vegetables in her own kitchen. She also includes a membership to a recipe bank. Super helpful!

Today, I'm a more confident cook, and my family are eating -- and ENJOYING -- more vegetables.

Love, love, love this family farm and the amazing produce they grow. You can just feel the goodness that grows this food.

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Highly recommend
By: Kaari Chinello    (Nov 21, 2019)

I have participated in 5 CSAs over the last 14 years in CA, Oregon, Colorado, and Arizona (had to move for career a lot!) and Coyote Family Farm is the best. From the presentation in the box each week, to the interactions with the delightful people that work there, there is a palpable sense of caring and passion for the food and the land. Before I became a member, I spent so much time in my own backyard garden trying to grow enough variety that it sometimes felt like a second job. Now they do the work and we get to enjoy the bounty of having fresh picked, beautiful and delicious produce. Thank you CFF for making our lives better!

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Wonderful in every way!
By: Erica Binnewies    (Dec 12, 2018)

From the gorgeous and very fresh produce, to the beautiful flowers and amazing eggs, the CSA boxes from Coyote Family Farm are a constant treat. I have been enjoying their produce from the beginning of their program and have never been disappointed with anything.

Each box is fantastic and an opportunity to expand culinary horizons. There are recipe suggestions to help in that area. The communication is easy and the attention to detail excellent.

Needless to say (but I will say it) I am so happy with the CSA boxes from Coyote Family Farm

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Great farmers, amazing produce
By: marcie holmes    (Dec 12, 2018)

Coyote Family Farm produces amazing produce all season long. From their snap peas to carrots, strawberries to kale, tomatoes to winter squash - it's all fresh and delicious. Their produce also looks beautiful - it's clean and well cared for from the field to the box. They have amazing variety in their produce all season long - no box will ever be the same. Even in the summer - you will never see a box full of zuchinni - you will get at least 6 different items.

We were a house of 2 adults and got the 1/2 membership - every other week was perfect for us!

Making adjustments for vacations is super easy - Sonya is a CSA wizard and nothing was ever mixed up. Payment is easy. Pick up is easy. Great price as well.

Their flowers are also beautiful - I would recommend buying at least 3-4 weeks of add-ons for flowers. We will probably add on flowers and eggs for the whole season next year!

All in all - best CSA out there.

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Loved it!
By: MJ Baumann    (Dec 5, 2018)

This was our first year with CFF although we have been members of other CSA?s in WI for many years. We were on the every other week plan with an egg, greens and flower share. This completely met our needs and allowed for shopping farmers markets as well. Love the reusable bins and the ease of pick up. The freshness and variety were great. We are signed up for the winter share and anticipating the quality.

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