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Did not receive my boxes - Maceo won't process a refund
By: Eric Johnson    (Jun 28, 2021)

I was so excited to order a half-share of 4 deliveries as a gift for my brother in Sacramento! They received their first box and after that nothing. After a few weeks of nothing, I sent an email to inquire. Maceo responded very politely and friendly saying it must have gotten mixed up and they would deliver the rest. Some more time goes by and still nothing. So I email again saying the other boxes had still not been received. Maceo again apologizes and says the 3 boxes will be delivered over the next 3 weeks. Great! However, more weeks go by and again nothing shows up. So I get fed up, text Maceo and respectfully explain that I would just like a partial refund. He is apologetic and agrees. But... no refund ever comes. I text again after more than a week goes by without seeing any refund and get no reply.

I am not sure what their deal is. I'm very disappointed and frustrated by the experience and hope it will eventually be resolved. The worst part of all is my brother missed out on thi

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