We are now harvesting our exceptional 100% grass fed beef, for those interested in beef as nature intended (no added hormones, no antibiotics, no animal bi-products & no grain). Call Butch Chandler on his cell phone 910-690-6953. Butch calls & talks with potential customers.

Stack Rock Mountain Farm, named for the mountain ridge on its eastern border, has been a working farm in the same family since the early 1950's. Located on the edge of the North Carolina Piedmont, the rich soil is ideal for naturally raised, grass fed cattle..

Initially a dairy operation, a switch was made to Angus cattle. Grass-fed beef has been the main focus for over 30 years. The viability of grassland and pastures was a pivotal feature because all activity on the farm starts with and ends with the land. Enrichment and preservation of the land has been, and continues to be, of paramount importance.

Our cattle are fed on grass exclusively and we use no hormones, antibiotics, or animal bi-products in the production of our cattle. Good things take time and grass-fed cattle are no exception, but the advantages of animals raised in expansive pasture settings as opposed to those that are confined are obvious to the health-conscious consumer. The grass-fed meat is healthier than that of its conventional grain-fed or corn-fed counterpart. It is both leaner and lower in omega-6 fats linked to heart disease. Grass-fed meat is also higher in beneficial omega-3 fats and conjugated linoleic acids. Meat from gently handled animals in a stress free environment has also been proven to be more tender and flavorful.

More recently, our cultivation of the grassland has been intensified to utilize the pastures more efficiently. Rotational or "mob grazing" on a fresh section of grass each day enables our cattle to access grasses with a higher level of vitamin and mineral enrichment. This concept is more closely related to the grazing patterns of the American bison in the North America for thousands of years than today's factory farms.

Mob grazing also makes our pastures and our farming practices more sustainable. The practice reduces dependence on non-natural fertilizers because the manure is spread evenly throughout the pastures and is trampled into the soil. The higher concentration stimulates the growth and expansion of natural grasses with a deeper root penetration. Healthier, stronger grass gains access to a greater supply of minerals in the soil and increases the soil's absorption rate during rainfall. Preventing soil erosion and run off improves the quantity and quality of water in nearby streams, which is beneficial to our farm and our neighbors downstream.

Proper stewardship of the land with animals raised in a natural environment is the cornerstone of the American sustainable agricultural movement. As a consumer, when you choose to eat meat from animals raised on pasture rather than factory farms you are the most important component of this movement. Your choice not only supports local agriculture, improves animal welfare, and reduces environmental degradation, it also gives your family a healthier alternative at the dinner table.

Listing last updated on May 11, 2020

We are currently harvesting grass fed beef. NO Hormones; NO Antibiotics; NO Animal Bi-products. Grass as nature intended!

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