Westwind Milling is a certified organic flour mill and bakery. The building is 171 years old and an historic site in the state of Michigan. We mill hard red spring wheat into a very high protein bread flour and soft red and white winter wheats into pastry flour. We also mill spelt, corn, barley, rye, and buckwheat. We blend a multi-grain as well as an all purpose flour. All grain milled is certified organic. We also produce several varieties of muffin mixes, pancake mixes dessert mixes, and hot cereals. In addition, we sell flour to several Michigan restaurants, including Sweet Lorraine's of Southfield, The Henry Ford in Dearborn, as well as the Ypsilanti Food Coop's Bakery/retail store and the East Lansing Food Coop.

In our retail store, we sell several varieties of organic breads that we bake on site. We also sell many products from our 160 acre certified organic farm, including eggs, herbs - (we have a beautiful paprika!), and for this upcoming Thanksgiving, 2008, heritage breed, free range turkeys. In addition to products from our farm, we carry Calder's anti-biotic and hormone free dairy products, Al-Mar Orchard's organic apples and apple cider, locally produced raw honey and processed honey, Michigan maple syrup, apple butter, sorghum, jams and jellies.

We have several events during the year, such as our Earth Day Celebration, Tomato Festival on the weekend after Labor Day, and a Summer Farm Tour, which includes a hayride and beautiful organic lunch.

We send out products via mail order, as well. Give us a call at (810) 735-9192 for more information.

Listing last updated on Feb 8, 2008

Certified organic flour mill and locally produced food market located near Fenton, Michigan. Built in 1836, the mill is on State Register of Historic Sites. Organic breads, flours, mixes, apples, cider, anti-biotic/hormone free dairy, raw organic cheeses.

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