Hand planted, hand harvested, green manure and compost with beneficial plants for pollination. No well so we use rain water collectors located at garden site. Close to 2000 gallons of rain water capacity and growing. Numerous fruit trees and bushes,varieties of apricots, sweet and sour cherries, peaches, asian pears, paw paws, american plums, persimmons, saskatoons, elderberry.

garlic braids in the fall made with inchelium and susanville;other varieties grown are romanian red, red toch, persian star and red roja. Tree, plant starts grown from seed; manchurian apricots small trees, hardy large victorian rhubarb starts, and paw paw seedling trees of sunflower and overleese. In the garden portion are lots of salad greens, sunflowers and winter squashes that fill the space after the garlic is pulled 1500-2000 heads. Overall a very small but growing operation, surrounded by a growing Aldo Leopold prairie and lots of blue bird boxes!

Listing last updated on Aug 23, 2014

Paw paw plants will be available july-sept(small 1st yr seedlings in 16" treepots). Paw paw seeds will be available in October. Fruits may be sold at market mid to late September. Large victorian rhubarb starts available in july-Sept. Manchurian apricot tree/bush, started from seed. 2 yr old plants in 16" 6x6 tree pots. Garlic braids ready in September by mail order and at farmers market *montmorency cherries available by order in mid june. Plums, peaches and pears available Mid september.

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