Gravenstein Apple of Sonoma County

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The Sonoma Gravenstein ripens in late July, making it one of the first apples in North America ready for market. It is a squat, irregularly shaped apple with a very short stem that comes in a variety of colors. The Gravenstein is known for its all-purpose versatility as a terrific eating, sauce and pie apple. The apple has a crisp and juicy texture and a flavor that is aromatic and full of old-fashioned, sweet and tart flavor. Gravensteins are in danger of becoming broadly extinct because of many reasons, the most observable of which is their difficulty to harvest. The apples have short stems and the trees produce ripe apples at different times throughout the harvest season. There are only six commercial growers remaining in Sonoma Co

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Windsor Certified Farmers Market

  Windsor, CA

Visit Sonoma County's most creative and energetic Certified Farmers Market in the heart of Sonoma County's Wine Country on the beautiful 5 acre Windsor Town Green. We are open Sundays from April to December and in the summer June, July and August Thirsday Nights. (more...)

Wilson Banner Ranch

  Clarkston, WA

Our landmark family heritage farm has been sustainably run and diversified for over 100 years. The orchards have many varieties dating back to the first fruit trees in the state. We believe in using environmentally friendly, scientifically proven methods of farming. (more...)


  Santa Rosa, CA

WHOA (Work Horse Organic Agriculture) Farm is a non-profit organization. We have been supporting our community for the past four year by supplying fresh organic produce to health clinics, soup kitchens, and like minded organizations completely free of charge. We grow a wide variety of vegetables and fruits, as well as grains and dry beans. (more...)

UBC Farm

  Vancouver, BC

Ecology Surrounded by a 90-year old coastal hemlock forest, the UBC Farm encompasses a 24-hectare landscape forming a rich mosaic of cultivated field areas, hedgerows, orchards, and successional forest stands. (more...)

Twin Palms Farm/ Sonoma Organics

  Sebastopol, CA

We are a small gravenstein apple farm, as well as distributor of local and organic produce. Besides offering gravenstein apples in late summer, we also carry produce from small to medium sized farms year round. We also carry local artisanal cheeses as well as many other specialty food items.(more...)

Tonnemaker Valley Farm

  Woodinville, WA

An extension of Tonnemaker Family Orchard, we began farming this 16 acre parcel just south of the city of Woodinville and located in the midst of the Woodinville Wine District in 2015. We are currently focusing on Western Washington vegetables and hope to expand into perennial crops in the near future. (more...)