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The Giant Chinchilla was originally developed in 1921 by Edward H. Stahl of Holmes Park, Missouri. Stahl was one of the first to own a Chinchilla rabbit, and he wanted to breed a large animal for commercial success in the fur business. True to their name, Giant Chinchillas are quite large, with mature bucks weighing in at 12 to 15 pounds and does at 13 to 16 pounds. It is the only breed in America that is judged for its commercial value, with meat producing qualities given top consideration on the judging table. There are fewer than 200 annual North American registrations of the breed, and the global population is less than 2,000.

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Wild Opinion Ranch

  Redmond, OR

Our small farm has grown out of a desire to bring fresh real food to people. Without the help of family or a bank for financial and moral support we decided that since we could not buy a farm we would rent land and turn it into a farm. Which is what we did. (more...)

Sycamore Farms LLc

  St. Paris, OH

We are a 23 acre transitional organic farm. We are OEFFA members. We previously operated a 300 acre OCIA & OEFFA organic farm which we sold in 2003. Our farming operation is diversified. We grow a variety of vegetables, grain and livestock. We are members of the Seed Savers Exchange and Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Asssociation (OEFFA). (more...)


  Nauvoo, AL

Custom growing CSA type farm; slow money, slow food; heritage breeds. We're offering farm shares to serve food choices with produce, meats, eggs and possibly other items as they mature - nuts, berries, fruit. (more...)

Silver Giant Rabbit Farm

  Leverett , MA

Silver Farm is a Heritage Breed Rabbitry only. Featuring this year are Giant Chinchilla Rabbits. Breeder stock is all that is available at this moment. Rabbits are kept in large (6 foot long cages) and fed local Timothy Hay and pellets from Vermont.(more...)

Running Bug Farm

  West Union, WV

Running Bug Farm - Better Than Organic Our eco family farm is owned & operated by us. Our shops are a reflection of our life. What we sell is how we live & it supports us. You can easily find: Humane Feathers from naturally raised birds. Natural English Angora Rabbit Wool Pedigreed English Angora Rabbits (more...)

Heart 2 Heart Farms

  Sherwood, OR

Heart 2 Heart farms is family-owned and based in Sherwood, Oregon. We offer heirloom varieties of consciously UNcertified, chemical-free, sustainably grown produce, meats, and eggs.(more...)