Pineywoods cattle

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One of the earliest breeds of cattle in US history, the Pineywoods, has currently dwindled to less than 200 hardy individuals. The Pineywoods is a rugged breed that is well adapted to the humid South. The Pineywoods Cattle are humpless and have variable horn shape and length with a hide color ranging from black and roan, to yellow, to red and white spotted. There is current interest in preserving the Pineywoods breed because of an appreciation of its environmental adaptations to place and its cultural heritage in the Gulf Coast states. They are listed as critically endangered by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy and are on RAFT's list of the Top Ten Endangered Foods in America

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Terrapin Station Farm, LLC.

  Townsend, DE

Terrapin Station Farms is a small family owned farm/ranch. We specialize in heritage breeds of beef, pork, poultry (chickens and turkeys and ducks) and eggs. All animals at Terrapin Station are free ranged. Beef, pork and poultry are processed at USDA inspected local butcher shops. Call Julie or Dave for price and availability. (more...)

Sweet Pea Farm

  Montgomery, TX

Sweet Pea Farms is a organically maintained farm nestled in the Sam Houston Forest in Montgomery, Texas. Our chickens are free range and forage naturally they are also supplemented with 100% organic grain from Coyote Creek Organic Mill in Elgin Texas. We have Meat and Laying Chicken's, California Red Sheep, Turkey's, Saanen Dairy Goats.... (more...)

Reyer Farms

  Lena , MS

We are a small diversified family farm. We specialize in fresh produce and heritage meats. We offer a vast assortment of heirloom tomatoes and vegetables each season. Along with all of our fresh vegetables and herbs we grow strawberries and blackberries. (more...)

Little Creek Plantation

  Brunson, SC

We are a small family farm raising Heritage livestock and certified organic produce.(more...)

Grove Creek Farm

  Crawford, GA

Welcome to Grove Creek Farm! We are a 300 acre sustainable farm in the Georgia Piedmont, just outside of Athens, GA, offering breeding stock and grass-fed beef from our herd of 35 heritage breed Pineywoods Cattle. (more...)

God's Way Farms

  Midland City, AL

Please read!!!! Update: We are temporarily dealing with some Family/Estate issues that are directly attached to the farm. We ask that everyone interested send their contact info to us and we promise to notify everyone asap that normal memberships have resumed. Not offering memberships at this time. (more...)