Nevada Single Leaf pinyon (pine nut)

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As a tree with much historical significance, the Single Leaf Pinyon is the appropriate choice for the official state tree of Nevada. Bearing nuts with extremely large shells, the edible component of this US native is about the size of an olive pit. The nuts have a rich fruity flavor, which is bolder than most pine nuts found in stores. Single Leaf Pinyons grow on the dry mountain slopes of Nevada, eastern California, and Utah, and are characteristic of mid-elevation habitats in the Great Basin Desert. The Pinyon pine nut is of great cultural and gastronomic importance to the American Indians of the Great Basin region, as it contains a high level of both fats and carbohydrates.

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Urban Patchwork

  Austin, TX

Urban Patchwork Neighborhood Farms provide fresh, affordable food for Austin one neighborhood at a time. We believe community is the backbone of health, security and sustainability. (more...)

Prospect Rock Permaculture

  Johnson, VT

Willow Crossing Farm is an experimental and educational organic family farm. We grow a diversity of nuts, fruit trees, vines, berries, vegetables, medicinal and culinary herbs and teas, sell nursery plants, produce eggs and honey, and host a variety of educational programs. (more...)

Pine Nut USA (Mount Wilson Grown)

  Pioche, NV

Pine Nut USA, the exclusive distributor of Mount Wilson Grown Nevada Pine Nuts and Products, was created to follow and promote the principles of today's natural food movement. Americans are more concerned with how and where their food is being produced. (more...)

NanaDew Herb Farm

  Fallon, NV

Family owned and operated since 2008 NanaDew Herb Farm grows garden starts, herb plants, flowers and exceptional produce for local farmers markets, restaurants, co-ops and CSA's. Book a fun and informative home party, where you and your family/friends can learn all about CSA's, local food, and the benefits of organic and naturally grown food. (more...)

Goods From The Woods - A Wild Crops Farm

  Salem, MO    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

Wild crops - pinyon pine nuts, kernels, seasonis, hickory nuts, witch hazel hydrosol and distillate, elderflower water, yarrow hydrosol, passion flower, new jersey tea and other native botanicals natural and organic farm direct for health and beauty. witch hazel freshly harvested and quickly steam distilled . (more...)

Goods From The Woods

  Salem , MO

Goods From The Woods is a producer of the American Pinyon Pine Nut.(more...)