Sea Island Red Peas

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One of the most significant creolizations between colonial Italian presence in the Antebellum Carolina Sea Islands and the many African diaspora grains and legumes involved in rice husbandry is the dish ‚??Reezy Peezy‚?? in Gullah, the African Creole dialect of the Carolina Sea Islands in South Carolina. The hallmark legume in the dish is the Sea Island Red Pea, harvested green in the spring for the celebration dish and dried to small red peas for cooking during the remaining seasons. Sea Island Peas were the lynchpin of Antebellum sustainable rice farming rotation to improve the soil. They still perform that purpose with on-farm soil management today in the Carolina Lowcountry. But today, fewer than 100 acres are planted to Sea Island Peas in rice rotati

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Sugarfoot Organic Farms

  Conway, SC

Sugarfoot Farms is a third-generation family micro-farm that is Certified Naturally Grown. We strive to create a farm that is 100% organic, sustainable and humane. We do not use any synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, or harmful chemicals and use only sustainable methods of controlling weeds, pests, and diseases. (more...)

Farmers Fresh CSA

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