Hatcher Mango

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The Hatcher mango is a cultivar unique to southern Florida. Developed in the 1930's, it is a prolific variety and bears unusually blemish-free fruit that can weigh more than two pounds. Its skin is beautiful, fading from pale green to yellow with a reddish orange blush. The fruit is remarkably non-fibrous and has notes of honey, vanilla and jasmine. Despite its popularity, the mango remains relatively unknown among large commercial growers in Florida.

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Hatcher Mango Hill

  Lantana, FL

Our local grove was planted in the 1940's by the late John Hatcher, who specially developed and registered his wonderful Hatcher mango. They are still grown on the same family owned slice of Old Florida and marketed on site in the summertime and through the Hatcher Mango Hill website. (more...)