White Kiawe Honey of Hawai'i

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Kiawe honey comes exclusively from the flowers of the Kiawe tree, a type of mesquite, that grow in the arid, volcanic environment of the leeward side of Hawai'i. This exquisite pearly-white honey has a waxy, caramel-like consistency and an unusual menthol flavor. The honey comes from a single stand of trees that beekeepers have been working with for over one hundred years. The grove is unique because it is an isolated oasis of trees situated on an aquifer that allows the trees to grow to an enormous size. The honey must be harvested in a very specific way in order for the product to maintain its integrity.

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Molokai Meli

  Kaunakakai, HI

Molokai meli is a small family owned and operated apiary located on the remote hawaiian island of molokai. the isolation of our island has proven to be a blessing as we do not have many of the diseases common in mainland apiaries. we specialize in gourmet organic kiawe honey. our gourmet honey is available in specialty 6.5 oz. (more...)

Hilo Coffee Mill - Market @ The Mill

  Mountain View, HI

Hilo Coffee Mill "Market @ The Mill" on Saturdays Mountain View's Favorite Gathering Place! "The "Market @ The Mill" is located at the Hilo Coffee Mill farm and is open every Saturday from 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM -- a significant convenience for local residents and visitors of the agriculturally rich Puna District. (more...)