Turkey Hard Red Winter Wheat

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Originally brought to Kansas in the 1870s by Mennonite immigrants from Crimea, this unique and complexly flavored variety became the primary wheat produced in the Central Plains. But today it is almost extinct, having been replaced by modern, higher-yielding varieties. A small group of farmers in Kansas started a wheat revival project to bring this delicious wheat back to the marketplace.

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White Oak Grains

  Belchertown, MA

Arnie Voehringer has been growing heritage and heirloom grains, corn, beans and hay in long-term organic rotations in Belchertown Ma for over 25 years using fuel-efficient John Deere antique tractors. (more...)

Stephens Land & Cattle

  Jennings, KS

Stephens families of Kansas have been farmers for five generations. In the middle of the 1900s, Andrew Stephens began his family with a farm, a sheep operation and a Holstein dairy. (more...)

Pioneer Valley Heritage Grain CSA

  Amherst, MA

We are growing local heritage grains and beans for sale as a CSA share. The share includes wheat, spelt, rye, heirloom corn, beans and more. See our website for more details. We are always looking for new forward-moving sustainable agriculture practices. (more...)

Kansas City Food Circle

  Kansas City, MO

FYI KC-AREA FARMERS - The Kansas City Food Circle has an established eList for direct networking via eMail, and a Blogger account which feeds Twitter which feeds Facebook, all to benefit our LOCAL+ORGANIC and LOCAL+FREE-RANGE growers. (more...)

Halvorson Farms

  Yacolt, WA

We offer pastured Pork, Turkey, and Chicken. As well as GMO Free Duck and Chicken eggs. In addition we are growing our vegetable offerings. We offer monthly tours during the growing season, so to stay up to date on those "Like" us on facebook.(more...)

God's Country Grains

  Cheney, KS    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

What we feature is a wide array of old, rare heirloom grains that are struggling to show us that they have nutrition, flavor and history that is unrivaled by modern day mono-crop varieties. Grains have been hybridized and worse yet, genetically modified so that they will resist herbicides or resist disease all in the name of higher yields. (more...)