Burford Pear

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The Burford Pear is a slightly more round variety, as opposed to the traditional pyriform "pear-shape", and has greenish-yellow skin that blushes pink as it ripens. The yellowish, crisp interior flesh has refreshing flavor, similar to an Asian pear without any grittiness. It is a great all-purpose pear suitable for eating fresh, canning and preserving, or making perry and pear vinegar. The first Burford pear was discovered in Amherst County, VA in the late 1800s. Although interest is growing, the pear's availability at present is extremely limited.

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Wild n Woolly Acres

  Salado , TX

Small agricultural and horticultural farm growing a wide cross section of seasonal fruits and produce, eggs, honey and select speciality items in an organic environment. (more...)

SHAREcroppers Farm

  Spartanburg, SC    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

SHAREcropper's Farm is a small "farmette" in Upstate SC with naturally grown heirloom vegetables, herbs and flowers, and also fresh eggs. We have a 16 week long CSA harvest period during the spring - summer and an 8 week long fall harvest period. (more...)

Radical Roots

  Yellow Springs, OH

Radical Roots is a small, diverse farm. Taking cues from mother nature, we strive to create an abundance of beauty and food from primarily perennial crops, such as chestnuts, hazelnuts, asparagus and strawberries. (more...)

Prospect Rock Permaculture

  Johnson, VT

Willow Crossing Farm is an experimental and educational organic family farm. We grow a diversity of nuts, fruit trees, vines, berries, vegetables, medicinal and culinary herbs and teas, sell nursery plants, produce eggs and honey, and host a variety of educational programs. (more...)

Carraig Farm

  Ashby, MA

Carraig Farm (Carraig being Gaelic for stone) is the Leclerc homestead located in Ashby, Ma. Sustainable and organic practices are used including rotational grazing, herbal worming, vermiculture and natural composting - we would simply have it no other way. (more...)