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Welcome to Ewe & I Farm. I began spinning wool in 1992, with 3 sheep on an acre of land. In 2000, we moved to 17 acres and now have 35 sheep. We raise primarily Romneys and Dorsets, both Horned and polled, but we do have a number of crossbreeds as well. In 2005 we began coating our sheep. This has ensured that our fleeces are as clean as possible. As a handspinner, I want my customers as happy as I am. Jerry starts shearing in January, and as the fleeces are bagged, tagged and photographed they will be put on the blog for sale. We now own Registered Romneys and Registered Horned Dorsets and will be selling breeding stock as they become available. If you are interested, let us know in early March. All unsold lambs will be going to the Easter meat market. We also sell roving, batts, top, homegrown mill spun yarn, handspun yarn, and hand knit wearables for humans and dogs. Jerry started to shear sheep, goats, alpacas and llamas for other small farms starting in March of 2007. He is an occasional spinner, and has listened to me 'mutter' about second cuts for years, so he does his best to prevent any second cuts and to remove those that do happen.


Listing last updated on Mar 20, 2009

We sell covered handspinner's fleeces from our Romneys and Dorsets, lambs & breeding stock in March, roving, top, batts, homegrown mill spun yarn, hand spun yarn, and hand knit wearables for humans and dogs. Jerry also shears for small flocks-sheep, goats, llamas and alpacas.

Schedule and Location:

Newport, NH Fridays 3-6 pm 6/6/08-10/3/08
Wilmot, NH Saturdays 9 am-noon 7/5/08-9/27/08

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