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I just had to THANK YOU. We are a small family farm and would never had invested, or even had the money to invest, in a website of our own. We came across LocalHarvest in May and put in our listing, our very first listing on the internet. Recently, I have started getting requests for our organic crosnes, requests that far exceed our modest (1/8 acre) supply. I did a few internet searches and found that thanks to LocalHarvest we are ranked number one on MSN and number four on Google for "crosnes farms" on the internet. We are stunned, and currently scaling up to meet a demand we did not have a year ago. Thank you so much. If this keeps up, I might actually be able to make a decent living as an organic farmer. Stunned and very grateful.

Rebecca Smith, Echo Valley Organic

I have to tell you that our sales of Christmas wreaths and other greenery products tripled this year from last year since joining LocalHarvest. Our listing has resulted in more direct sales for us with less effort on our part than we have had since we started mail-ordering back in the 80's. If there's a voting thing for great service for web hosts, please let us know so we can vote you in at #1!

Linda Raper, Rogue Harbor Farm

I credit about 80% of my business to LocalHarvest. I get approximately 3 new clients every month who have found me in LocalHarvest. I have learned much over the past few years regarding fresh and wholesome products and the processes required to deliver them to end customers. I owe much of my success to LocalHarvest (CSA), Weston Price and similar organizations. I expect my business to virtually explode over the next year and I should have everything I produce sold in advance of actual production.

John Orr, Willow Creek Ranch

I am amazed at the response that I have been getting from the visitors to the site. I honestly thought that a few sales may dribble in or that I may get an order here and there for the hard to find trees and other plants. NEVER did I think it would be like this.

Cliff Cohen, Catalpa Tree Seeds

I can't thank you enough for your website. I had one goat, and as soon as my LocalHarvest listing went live, I had to buy a second goat within 2 weeks to meet the demand. I am looking for 2 more, and I am passing customers on to one of my friends now. You wouldn't believe how grateful people are to find me! They actually say, "I have been looking for months on the internet to see if there is something for sale in our area, and there was nothing, but suddenly your ad was there."

Well, I've been here for 12 years and nobody knew it, but I see that these kinds of customers are Web users, and that's the way they find things. I feel very gratified that people are enjoying my milk now.

Merryl Winstein, Alpine Dairy Goats of St. Louis

LocalHarvest gets more hits a day than USDA or any other CSA search. They have been more responsive than anyone in making sure that people can find a csa near them by allowing farmers to enter and update their own data year round. Most of the other sites (govt, university, ngo) are top down managed and maintained making them inordinately expensive and inaccurate. Within a week of farmers on CSA-L requesting to add zips that they market to but that get omitted by the kind of local area zip searches that USDA, Robyn Van En, etc. do, Guillermo's team had an elegant, simple solution. He is the best and he does it out of his own pocket with only a handful of donations. Guillermo makes his money go further than anyone. I can't think of any group more deserving.

Anna Barnes, Prairieland CSA

Hey folks...many thanks again... this worked out great for me. I will definitely do it again next year. I sold out my CSA shares this year, a first! Just picked up a new greenhouse and am planning on major expansion in the future. Hoping when things calm down a bit to enter some other products on your store.

Sora Huff, Paradise Valley Organics

I am new to LH and I have to say, I joined because of the message, not so much for generating sales, but I am starting to get some nice interaction and orders with folks and I think these people will be good customers. It's a very competitive market out there and it's hard for small farming families to make "cents" of their farming products. I want my wool business to develop and I'm dedicated to LH. I finally found what I'm good at and I love it too!

Lisa Westervelt, Cranberry Moon Farm

I also want to say that your site is wonderful. I have recieved much business from it. I live on Cape Cod in Massachusetts and quite often people visiting the Cape on vacation stop in to visit. Even local Cape people who did not know I was here have found me thru the LocalHarvest site and I have myself made contact with numerous farms and growers thru it. Thanks

Veronica Worthington, The Herb Farm

Thanks to I have had more customers and exposure than I could have imagined and the demand is exceeding supply of our Christmas trees and honey for the second season in a row.

Matt, Joyce and Amelia Haas, harecreast Acres

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